Motorcycle Accidents

Over the past few years Motorcycle Accidents have increased rapidly which is scary as the statistics of serious injuries and death is also continues to rise. 75% of all motorcycle accidents are the result of a collision with another vehicle may it be a car, another bike, bus and or a lorry. 65% of these accidents are because the driver of the other vehicle didn’t see the motorcyclist which usually happens at night-time which is when motorcyclists are at their most vulnerable.

Other accidents that involve motorcyclists include motorcyclists negotiating road curves at high speeds and under-cornering, motorcyclists failing to see objects in the road, riding under the influence of drugs or alcohol and also not looking after your bike – bad maintenance including having a flat tyre which can make a motorcyclist collide with another vehicle.

The most likely motorcyclist to have an accident is a male biker between the ages of 16-24 and also 50% of these accidents are with riders who have less than 5 months experience and this does include scooters. Bad weather only accounts for 2% of motorcycle accidents which is quite surprising.

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident and you’ve had a scary experience maybe a car hit you, not only is it yourself that may have injuries but your bike, helmet. The motorcyclist usually gets most of their injuries from when they leave their bike and hit the ground. Your injuries may just be scratches and bruising if so you’ve got off lucky other injuries may include broken bones, internal injuries and you may have to stay in hospital for a while and then recoup at home. Make a list of all the damaged items in your accident so you have a clear record of these take pictures too if you can.

If the accident wasn’t your fault and you have suffered injuries from this accident you have a legal and civil right to make a compensation claim. Your compensation will depend on the injuries you have received as well as compensation for loss of earnings if you haven’t been able to go to work as well as medical bills you’ve paid for due to your injuries. The damages to your helmet and bike and any other clothing etc will also be reimbursed.

If you make a compensation claim on the agreement of No Win No Fee it’s a way for people who can’t or don’t want to pay the legal expenses involved in making a compensation claim against another party. The solicitor will only be paid once the claim is won, they don’t take any of your compensation claim they will get their fees from the losing parties insurance company.

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault, don’t suffer in silence make a compensation claim today!

Accident Consult is regulated by the Ministry of Justice and are authorised to undertake regulated claims management activities under the provisions of the Compensation Act 2006. They are specialists in dealing with Motorcycle Compensation Claims.


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