Case Dismissed Review – Good Or Bad?

After having a chance to look into the legal strategies outlined in the e-book, I felt compelled to write this Case Dismissed review. Is it a good idea to fight your speeding tickets? What about all of the insurance hikes and points that have a negative effect on your driving record? In this review, I will cut through all of the hype and promises and get right to what you can realistically expect to get from Case Dismissed. After reading this, you should have a good idea whether or not Case Dismissed is a resource to turn to when you get your next speeding ticket.

It seems to me people are always talking about how they tried to fight their speeding tickets in court, only to lose their case and pay the fines anyway. Even worse than the fines are the increased insurance premiums and the points on your driving record, which can prevent you from getting a decent job. Fortunately, now you can have Case Closed on your side.

Case Closed is a strategy that can get you out of having to pay a dime in fines or increased premiums. Created by Jeff Mulligan, you need only go to the website to be assured of its success rate. Besides all of the testimonials, the first thing I noticed was how reasonable the whole company. Unlike loud and cheesy people who make promises like used car salesmen, Mulligan comes across as a nice and honest guy. He tells you up front that no system can guarantee that you’ll get out of every ticket. Not even lawyers can do that.

He does, however, clearly outline how Case Closed can help you when you’re faced with steep fines. Case Closed is 100 percent legal, ethic and easy to work to your advantage. Mulligan even goes so far as to guarantee your satisfaction, happily returning your investment if you aren’t satisfied. Overall, I wholeheartedly and happily recommend Case Closed to anyone stuck with a speeding ticket, deserved or not.

To learn more, visit the official Case Dismissed website at today.


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  1. Can I do anything to stop a credit card company (Chase) from suing me for credit card debt? I tried numerous times to work out a payment arrangement, but they refused. They have filed a complaint and now have filed a request for entry of default and judgment.

    Thank you

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