Specialization of Labor – Alienation

The logic seems to be a no brainer, that is with the continuous increase in the number of employees, the cheaper their services become. A simple construction of the law on supply and demand dictates that when supply for a particular factor in the production process is abundant, then the reaction is that the cost in acquiring said factor would be decreased because of competition. This is what happens when what is talking are the numbers.

Now consider what is not seen, consider the eventual effect of an increase in the number of labor force, and the constant decrease in the value thereof. Would it actually be detrimental to the production process? Or would it foster a more dynamic and accountable production force? The answer, with history standing as a witness is obvious, and that is when labor has been deduced to mere numbers, a working man merely considered as a number in the production process, then that would actually alienate the worker from the duty he is trying to fulfill, and consequently lead to negative effects to the production process.

When an employee is merely an incident in the production process, and when it is viewed merely as a number in the workforce, then such employee usually loses his identity, and works as though he is already a machine. As like that of a machine, he becomes so indulged to that part of the production process that he specializes and more often than not removes himself away from the picture of the complete production process.

This alienation is detrimental to the working force. Primarily because he loses sight of the bigger picture, and he has this impression that what he is doing is already the be all and end all of his worth. With specialization, an individual is removed from the realm of finding a way to prosper himself, and to learn other things in the production process. With this continuous trend in our capitalist production state, then we will soon the day that these employees would perceive themselves as machines, cold and stiff machines.

Atty Gabriel Cosh is a legal advocate and a practitioner of law for over 10 years now. He is also an expert in the field of social legislation and personal injury cases.

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