Lawyer Marketing 101

You probably found this article because you are an attorney and looking for new and improved ways to growing your business. I will start out by saying that your business is not unlike any other small or large business. There is a supply of lawyers and there is always a demand for your services. So as a sole practitioner or small or large law firm, how do you grab a better supply of clients while decreasing the amount of money and time getting new client acquisition?

In order for me to answer this question we should discuss the different types of advertising and marketing methods most commonly used by lawyers.

Word of Mouth – This is still the best and most affordable way to grow your business. The attorneys that don’t advertise depend 100% of word of mouth. This is the easiest and best way to pick up new clients. I will always recommend during and after the representation of a new client, you send a thank you letter along with several business cards at the very least.

Lawyer Referrals – Having a network of attorneys that you refer business back and forth is another very good way to acquire new business. There are also services that are available online that we will discuss later.

Phone Book – Probably the most common way to acquire new business is through the phone book. I have talked with tons of lawyers over the years and they still believe that 75% of their business comes through the phone book. This form of advertising can be very pricey and with the advent of the internet we have seen a huge decrease in the effectiveness of phone book advertising for two main reasons. First, it is easier for someone to use the internet and do a search and second consumers are becoming more educated. People now a days tend to research prior to making a decision. Ask yourself, when was the last time you used a phone book?

Billboards – A very expensive way to advertise but can be effective if placed in the right location.

Radio – This can be another effective way to advertise your business but it comes with a large price tag. If you have the money and you decide to advertise on the radio the best times are obviously during the morning and evening commute.

Television – Another great way to acquire new business but very expensive. I have met with very few attorneys that advertise on television, but the ones that do, have great success. Most of the attorneys that advertise on the internet are large personal injury firms and they all have deep pockets.

Email Marketing – When you are setting up your marketing campaign consider sending out emails on a quarterly basis at the very least. There are different ways in setting up email marketing campaigns and all are very effective. Newsletter and updates are most commonly used with this form of advertising. When you are collecting information such as phone and address, get email addresses as well. You would be surprised how many people will forward your email onto others looking for representation. If one email generates one new client, it could be worth it.

Magazines – People tend to hold onto magazines for some reason. For instance, how many times have you gone into a doctors office and seen a magazine sitting on a desk that is over a year old?

Website – The center of any marketing plan should be your website. All other forms of advertising and marketing should surround your website. Consider the following: When someone gets a lawyer referral there is a good chance they are getting more than one referral. If you don’t have a website you may be hurting yourself. Personally when I get referrals for certain products or services I always use the internet to find out more information on those products or services. It has become second nature and hiring an attorney is no different. If I can’t find it on the internet, I’m probably going to take a pass. During this thread we will talk about website marketing for lawyers and I will explain why all your competition is showing up on the internet and why you are not.

So to answer the question of how do you grab a better supply of clients while decreasing the amount of money and time getting new client acquisition the answer is simple, the internet.


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  1. Very good article thank you for posting it. Nice change..

  2. Thanks KB, we buried this article fairly quickly because of the submissions. We will be posting these sorts of articles over the next couple of weeks. I told them that I thought this would be great information to post here considering a large amount of the readers here seem to be attorneys. I hope you get some good tips.

  3. Thank you for the information. When can we expect to get into more of the internet marketing portion of this. I work for a lawyer that is very interested in lawyer marketing services and this would be of great interest to him and the rest of the partners here at our firm.

  4. This is a great article. Can you please explain search engine marketing for lawyers. I have read several different articles and tried several different techniques and nothing seems to be working.

    Thank You

  5. […] 20, 2007 by Lawyers Attorneys If you didn’t get a chance to read my previous post regarding lawyer marketing, please do so […]

  6. There is a new company on the rise that hold mastermind summits in Las Vegas each year. They then make high quality DVD series of the summits featuring various attorneys conferencing on various divorce issues.

    Is this a new trend in lawyer marketing, only time will tell. What I found intersting is that they carve the DVD product into multiple multimedia files that are spread to youtube etc. Giving the attorney a rich featured multimedia presence on the internet.

  7. This is a great idea and I think the website rocks! What I’m seeing is more and more attorneys are turning to podcasts etc. which is similar to what this company is promoting. The facts are although internet marketing creates exposure if done correctly (web content on your website) companies like this one help create additional exposure as well. However, although people use YouTube and other online video services to submit their video content, most of the people searching the video content aren’t searching for lawyers. But I will admit when I do searches using Youtube I oftentimes stray off topic and I’m watching something entirely different than what I was searching for. With this being in mind, the chances of someone finding these types of videos while in preparation for a divorce is very high.

    However as the internet evolves I think more and more people will search for companies that have streaming video and probably will be more likely to hire a company that has streaming video discussing the advantages of their firm etc. Yesterday I was searching through Joomla! templates and I came across a company that uses streaming video as their main source of content. What was said on the video was enough for me to send them a contact and ask for follow-up. My point is that while people still depend on written content, its just a matter of time before people start searching services such as lawyers through streaming video content.

  8. Can you provide me additional information on how I can contact the person that is responsible for writing these articles. Unlike the rest of the article on this site, these lawyer marketing articles don’t provide contact information.

    Thank You

    My email is attached to this comment

  9. How do you submit articles to this site?

  10. Its hard to find. This is the link to submit legal articles on this site. Happy submitting!

  11. Great post, this post has a lot of information to me. It’s very useful, thanks!

  12. Thanks for a great post!
    Every personal injury lawyer should read this. It would give them broader opportunities to reach potential clients (hey that what advertising is all about, right?) Many of those who are in the yellow pages should also have their presence in the web and vice versa. The challenge would be putting up effective ads that would make a costumer say “hey this is the Firm I need because they know what I’m going through.” Effective ads are not impossible.

  13. I was recommended this website by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my
    difficulty. You are incredible! Thanks!

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