A Gender Sensitive Social Security Program

Our laws have always been couched in the neutral sense that is, it is applicable to all regardless of your status in life, your age, your race, and even your gender. It is so neutral in fact that no one is considered to be above the law, and that any acts running counter to it are punishable with a corresponding penalty, which may even include imprisonment.

Our laws operates in two ways; first, its serves as a rule of conduct to be followed by the people in the society. Meaning that any act not in consonance with what the law has obligated to do is punishable and may result in time behind bars. Second, is that our laws, actually outlines the rights available to an individual, and how these rights should be respected and how they should be exercised. The latter are our substantive laws.

Our Social Security Laws are examples of substantive law. They provide the rights afforded to a disabled employee for example, and how he or she may be given benefits because of the injuries he or she has suffered. Yet as like any other laws, it is also couched in a gender sensitive manner giving rights both to the male and female populace.

It is a given that the male and female genders’ physical make-up is different from each other, this difference affecting the method of performing work, and even how prone they may be injured or plagued with a disability. Yet notwithstanding these obvious distinctions, the rights afforded to the female gender are also equally available to the male. That is how particular our laws on Social Security are. To further testify on this balance, the test in determining whether an individual is indeed incapacitated to pursue his or her work, are the same in both sexes. There is no qualification whether you are a man or a woman, it is written in plain and simple language, with no qualifications and distinctions.

Our laws have been the considered the foundation of our society. As the passé line goes.. It actually brings balance to the force. Without it there would be chaos in the society. With such grave responsibility, it is very vital to note that our Social Security Laws did not favor any one, gender irrespective.

Atty Gabriel Cosh is a legal advocate and a practitioner of law for over 10 years now. He is also an expert in the field of social legislation and personal injury cases.
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