Understanding The Social Security Appeal Process For Successful Disability Claims

The United States social security system will take into consideration the eligibility, benefit amount and claim circumstances when someone applies for benefits. If they send an employee their decision and he or she does not agree with what they have stated, they can begin the process of appeal. The social security appeal process begins when a claimant who is seeking benefits sends a letter of request within 60 days of receiving the letter from the Social Security Administration.

Understanding Social Security

The social security system in the United States can be explained in simple terms for most people to understand.

Social Security affects everyone in the United States work force including self-employed individuals, employers and employees. All of these people pay a certain amount of social security tax from their personal pay check.

When people in the work world stop working, are retired, have past away or have been severely disabled they are given benefit payments. This is done so that the family is provided with the earnings and benefits they have lost during the taxing process.

A large majority of people in the United States are trying to build a safety nest and to protect their families under the Social Security system. Benefits can be paid in a variety of ways such as survivor’s benefits, disability benefits and retirement benefits.

The way to earn this social security protection is to either be self-employed or to obtain a job with benefits and coverage. One has to make sure they pay their taxes either way to be granted this kind of protection for the future.

When retiring, the employee must have a certain amount of work credits to be given the benefits for themselves and their family. This amount of credits all depends on age demographics such as when he/she was born and how old they are now.

Social Security Appeal Process

The appeal process is as follows: After the application for disability benefits has been denied the first time, the claimant can send in a Request for Reconsideration.

If the denial reconsideration is rejected, then the claimant can appeal for a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).

If this fails, then the next appeal will go to the Social Security Appeal Council (SSAC) who will consider the accuracy of ruling by the ALJ and make a decision.

If the decision does not favor the claimant, then he or she can apply for a Federal Court review.

It is recommended that the appeal process be handled by a social security disability claims lawyer, who typically works on a contingency basis, to have the best chances of receiving claims. Contrary to myths about the process, a large percentage of people do win their cases after the initial rejection.

So do handle the social security appeal process as early as possible, because it takes months of waiting, and get a good lawyer who works exclusively in this arena.

Go to http://www.esocialsecurityappeal.com for more on how to navigate the social security appeal process for faster award of disability benefits.

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