Racial Discrimination and the Law Behind It

Still in our times, the battle against racial discrimination is yet far from being settled. This is very much evident on the large number of job discrimination cases which were filed in courts across the United States and most especially in the state of California. Typically, equal employment rights and opportunities should be handed down to everyone regardless of his race or color and his association to a certain ethnic group. To provide protection in the workforce from employment discrimination on the basis of their race and color, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 has been used as a refuge against unruly employers. This law also safeguards the employees as well as the applicants regarding hiring, promotions, compensations, privileges, terminations and other factors which may affect an individual’s performance in his or her work. Moreover, this law results to the prohibition of labor assessments and resolutions about a person’s capabilities on the sole basis of his acquaintance to a certain racial community. To add, this also asserts that it is unlawful for any company or employer to implement a variety of job rulings and regulations which mainly intends to discriminate minorities. Furthermore, this statute covers the prohibition of racial jokes in the workplaces such as ethnic slurs, offensive and derogatory remarks and other verbal and physical acts which may constitute to an illegal harassment if ever the actions intimidates an individual and subsequently affects his work performance.

On the other hand, classifying or segregating workers on the basis of their race or color is also an unlawful act as prescribe by the said law. This means that any employer who will be proven to physically isolate his employee from his co-workers or from the customer’s sight or contact shall be held accountable for violating this statute. Besides, the law also forbids the employers to assign their minority workers to marginal job coursework or workplace which hinders them of obtaining professional growth. This also covers the rights of the applicants of being fairly considered by the employers or an employment agency in a job post regardless of his race or color.

Racial discrimination cases rather should be dealt with accordingly. And in doing this, the victims may seek legal counsel assistance to know more about one’s rights and what legal actions one may pursue in order to acquire justice. Notwithstanding the intricate process of filing a lawsuit may be, an eligible employment lawyer taking charge in one’s pursuance of the case will undoubtedly bring good outcomes in their cases. Thus, the discriminated employee may demand for just compensation as stated in their severance package.

Finally, racial discrimination incidents in the workplace can still be lessened, if not totally eradicated, if only people would cease from condemning other individuals from a different race. Above and beyond, the ability of a person to exceed in his work does not necessarily rely on his color but rather in his skills and attitude in performing his assigned duties.

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  1. This takes place at Comfort Inn West Montrose. I came down to the front desk to get towels after numerous attempts by my room phone and at the time another customer was arguing with front desk lady, Samantha. I waited patiently until she (Samantha) called the lady a bitch. I yelled “hey hey hey, there’s kids in this lobby!” followed by “and they’re minors! Watch ur mouth!”.
    The customer then says” who u callin a bitch?!” Samantha replies whatever u bl- ghetto bitches, I’ll have you put out! I argued why (for what? you are harassing us! all I came down for was towels. I ended up calling the police ( arguement on tape)because she kept cussing and threatening to put me and my kids out. Police came, heard what happened- even the witnesses in the lobby vouched in our favor what happened, and with no remorse told me theres “nothing we can do”. So, i leave and go back to my room to let the situation dissolve. 30 minutes later, I call down to the lobby for towels- no answer, i tried 3 times. Still no answer. I return to the lobby, she has a customer so I wait. I ask her for some towels, she snaps “we dont have any towels! I called the police again to have them come out because if I cant get towels to wash I dont need to spend my hard earned money to stay here! When police came back, Officer Price finally gave me a report number and had her go get the towels. I let him know that I would need a report copy because I would be pursuing this matter.I have spoken with the manager here before about Samantha’s unprofessionalism on my stay here previously at the Comfort Inn but obviously nothing was done. I have come here several times on business, and have kept it professional our last confrontation because I didnt feel I should have to go to another higher rated/priced hotel, but obviously she cant put her personal dilemma aside and do her job. I want something done.

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  3. I am a 62 year old African-American disabled attorney suing 6 US Marshals and a prominent landlord for excessive force, Constitutional violations pursuant to an illegal eviction and mnnumerous torts. eviction

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