5 Things Every Driver Should Know about DUI

Driving after drinking alcohol is not illegal. Driving while impaired or intoxicated is illegal. Every driver should know how to protect themselves from a false DUI conviction. 1. Cause to Stop The Police have to have a reason to stop you when you are driving. They mostly decide to stop you based on the way you are driving (doh). The signs they think show a DUI or DWI driver are many.

What they look for is erratic driving like unexplained speed changes, excessive movement within lanes or lane changing without indicating. Parking badly, having the appearance of not knowing where you are etc.

Unfortunately there could be, and often is, a perfectly acceptable reason for any and all of these “signs”. A good DUI Lawyer can argue this in court for you.

2. Field Sobriey Testing These tests are NO indication of sobriety. In addition the officer who stops you has, in most cases, already decided that you are a DUI or DWI case. They only use these tests to confirm their suspicion.

I would fail these tests stone cold sober, most people would. They are only an indication of your ability to balance or count backwards or whatever.

You don’t have to take these tests in most states, there is a free ebook available from the resource link below written by an experienced DUI Lawyer.

3. Blood Testing Blood testing is the most accurate and it is your right to ask for this to be done if you are stopped for DUI or DWI. You can even ask for your own doctor or hospital to do the testing. A DUI Lawyer will tell you what to do.

If you are unable to get your own doctor or hospital, you should ask for a sample of the blood taken so you can get your own, independent testing done.

4. Blood Alcohol Content The Breath Analysis Testing machines are only accurate when they have been regularly tested and aligned and used as directed. Your DUI Lawyer will get the calibration records to check.

Mostly the police do not use them as directed, you will be asked to “keep blowing, keep blowing” but that isn’t the way they should be used. The air from the bottom of your lungs has a much higher concentration of alcohol then the air from the top or middle.

The Breath Analysis machine is calibrated for the middle concentration not the bottom so asking you to empty your lungs will give a false reading and will get you convicted of DUI or DWI even though you are below the legal limit.

5. Court Time If you are charged with DUI or DWI you will end up in court. Now the deck is really stacked against you if you dont have a good DUI Lawyer with you. If the police officer has rail roaded you, and over 30% of those in court have been, then the court will believe them rather than you 100% of the time.

Unless…you have an experienced DUI lawyer on your side. The cost of losing a DUI or DWI case will run out to $10,000 or more. If the lawyer costs $5,000 and reduces or eliminates the conviction you have reduced your costs and quite possibly got your life back.

Get a DUI lawyer.

6. Recovery After Conviction OK, if you are reading this a bit late and have already been convicted of DUI or DWI what can you do now?

You need to find out how to get your life back on an even keel. you need to find out how to get your drivers license back, how to protect yourself when applying for a new job, how to get auto insurance at a reasonable price etc.

In short, there is a lot you can do to get your life back after a DUI conviction and the link below can help you find a DUI Lawyer locally.

This is only an overview of the information available through the web site listed below.

Brent Milne has been through the mill and seen the results of a good DUI Lawyer. He has good information and good links on his web site. You will find a good DUI Lawyer in your local area through http://dui.good-oil.com


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