Strict Professional Standards and a Lawyer’s Obligation

All legal practitioners in Los Angeles County, especially those who were given their licenses to impart legal advice and to represent their clients as their lawyers are expected to follow the standards of their profession. These include the codes of conduct and privileges, work ethics and any other rules set by the California Bar Association. The following list of these basic ethical standards that a lawyer should abide by may help you determine if your lawyer is properly performing his duty.

– Your lawyer should be passionate and zealous enough in representing your case – He is expected to be proficient in assessing legal concerns and to exert all his expertise regarding the laws that are applicable to your case. – He has the obligation to make you well informed about your case. Thus, he should communicate with you any development or progress that occurs. – He must be completely loyal to you. Representing other clients that may cause conflict of interest with your case is unethical for them. No lawyer should perform a simultaneous assistance to both the plaintiff and defendant in a particular case. – He should follow all your instructions regarding what you expect from your case. Yet, your lawyer cannot be obliged to follow illegal orders. – Your lawyer should not combine your assets to his personal properties. Your estates and money then should be kept in an escrow account wherein you would have an easy access to it if ever you would need it. – Without any court order, your lawyer should keep the confidentiality of your case.

These are some of your lawyer’s responsibilities. However, there may be some other rules that he should follow as prescribed by the law in California.

In any way that your lawyer has neglected any of these standards, the California Bar Association may impose appropriate sanctions to him. Depending on the severity of his offense, his misdemeanor may cause his disbarment and criminal prosecution. He may also be charged of malpractice if he fails to submit to the standards of the legal profession.

Meanwhile, your lawyer should not carry the entire burden in your case. You are also expected to do your part for a successful result. Thus, you must extend your full cooperation with your lawyer and see to it that you listen carefully to his advises. Never give false statements and be responsive to his queries. Doing these will probably increase your chances of winning.

Finally, you have the right to terminate your lawyer’s services if you feel that he is ineffective. But then again, you must first ask for the court permission before exercising this action.

Our firm’s professional Los Angeles County Lawyers strictly abide by the code of ethics set by the state bar association


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