Legal Marketing Talk

I have received dozens of email from attorneys across the country suggesting I start a thread about Lawyer Marketing.  As some of you know if I receive suggestions I typically will implement them on this site. While many of the emails that I received were geared towards vendor recommendations, I decided it would be best to find someone that is an expert in legal marketing. I have brought in a friend of mine that has extensive experience in creating marketing solutions for law firms.

I spoke briefly with him over a few drinks about how he implements these sorts of marketing solutions and while he didn’t divulge too much information, he did tell me that the premises of all lawyer marketing solutions was a website. He calls it “Building a Foundation” or something like that. He shared with me a story about how he worked with two different sole practitioners and was able to double the amount of leads they were generating to their business. This was done in less than a year.

I don’t know the format but I trust the information that you will find on this thread will be very useful. While he may not share all of the tricks of the trade, I’m sure you will find something you can use to help grow your business.

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