Discrimination based on Age

A person’s willingness to continue working in order to provide for the needs of his family is admirable. However, when one reaches a certain age, it comes to a point when a body fails and unable to do the things it can when young. That is the time when a person must forgo of his or her employment. Nevertheless, it must be pointed out that age is not major factor in determining if an employee can no longer comply with the demands of his occupation. The condition of the body that determines whether one is qualified to continue with his job.

As always, the employer has ample authority to terminate an employee and break the employer-employee relationship, especially if the production process is already affected by the incompetent acts of the employee. Yet this power granted to the employer cannot be exercised without due regard to the regulations contained in our Constitution and laws.

This means that if an employee has been terminated on the sole basis of his or her age, then such act amounts to unfair labor practice or labor law violations. It is also tantamount to employment discrimination based on age. If this case occurs, the employer would be liable for any untoward damages that may be experienced by the employee.

To further stress the point, if an employee reaches a certain age wherein he would be considered rather old, and then he were terminated from work or become subject to a constructive dismissal by the employer which primary factor solely depends on his age, then the act would fall under discrimination in employment on the basis of age.

An employer has the prerogative to hire or fire an employee, however, this prerogative cannot be used as basis for discriminating against an employee, whether basing on his age or other notable factors like gender, race and religion.

A termination would be valid if it is based on acceptable reasons like if the employee is considered as a liability, already rather an asset to the company. These reasons and other civil wrongs and criminal acts can be the valid reasons for an employee to be dismissed.

An employee who is a victim of discrimination for his or her age and is unlawfully terminated for this reasons, can file for labor law violation claims and can be actually given a higher settlement amount if it is proven that the employer acted beyond his or her jurisdiction. Usually, the reason for the high claims is when an employee is discriminated for his old age and he finds it difficult to find another job again.

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