Cheaper Legal Options

Because of the high legal service rates charged by most lawyers to their clients, many people who need their assistance are looking for some other alternatives to resolve their legal concerns. If you are one of them, read this article entirely and you may be able to find some other options that will help you a lot. If you have been done wrong by any other party or you just need a legal advice on certain matters, it is not that difficult to find the right lawyer. You just have to choose from the numerous law firms or even sole practitioners who offer the legal services that best suit your case. Hence, if you are hesitant due to the high costs of legal fees, you may look for those who provide free consultations.

Furthermore, you may also look for some professional lawyers and law firms who are providing their services on a contingent basis. This manner of payment was designed to lessen the problems of those people who do not have much money but have strong cases. However, this method only applies in some legal cases like personal injury claims, social security disability, employment law and some legal aspects of business among others.

In this system of fees payment, you will not have any obligation to your lawyer unless your case turned out positively. Depending on the agreement, your lawyer’s fee will be based on a certain percentage of your recoveries. Usually, lawyers will settle for 33% of your recoveries.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned percentage should not be a reason for not hiring a lawyer. In fact, credible lawyers may even increase your possible compensation because of their expertise. Besides, it would be better to acquire lesser compensation than to have nothing at all.

There are also other options available. In fact, some government agencies and private organizations are offering legal assistance without any financial obligations on your part. Examples are:

* State attorney general’s office

* Regulatory agency of a particular industry in which you have encountered a problem

* Civil rights groups

* Customer service departments that cater to consumers’ concerns in various business entities and public utilities

These institutions have proven their worth. Never underestimate their capabilities. They are most of the times very effective in resolving cases and disputes. Actually, numerous people who resort in seeking their help have been very much contented with the results of their services.

Contact with Mesriani Law Group and have a free consultation with a Los Angeles Lawyer regarding legal concerns involving personal injury, employment law, social security disability and business law.


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