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As some of you know I opted out of posting legal questions on this blog, at least for now. Its hard enough for me to keep active with everything else. I posted a few months ago regarding a legal service for ask & answer questions for the legal industry. Very much like yahoo without all the crazy point systems etc. I have since sent them about a dozen or so questions that I get from this blog.

If you have a legal question visit this site and ask it. You can now post a question without having to log in or sign-in. It seems like it would be pretty easy. The other nice thing about this is the fact they monitor the Q&A so you don’t get a bunch of spam and nonsense.

I highly recommend if you are looking for additional information regarding your legal needs, you visit this site and ask a question.

BTW- for those attorneys and legal experts and whomever else that submits posts and articles to this blog, I am taking a needed vacation at the end of the month. So if you have things that need to be added to the site, email me them within the next two weeks. I will have limited access to emails and probably won’t do much with the site for the 2 weeks I’m gone.

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  1. Hey Rich,

    Where are you going? Thanks for the update, I will send in my information to you in the next day or so. I hope you have a great vacation. I did get a chance to look at the askinglaw site and it looks pretty cool. Do you know if they are allowing contributors or some sort of thing to help promote law practices? Any information would be greatly appreciated, including their contact information.

  2. I second that E.L. Great articles BTW= Rich can you please email askinglaw my contact information and tell them I would like to participate on their service. After reading over the policy it looks like lawyers can add their sites to each answer. Have fun on vacation.

  3. Rich, great recommendation! I looked at it last month and I wasn’t a bit impressed. I didn’t like the fact that you couldn’t submit questions from a form and I’m assuming that is why they had a hard time getting people to submit questions. This has since changed and I see there are more people asking questions now. E.L. and W.D. if you answer there questions, you can submit your link to your lawyer site along with contact information. Here is the link that explains: – “askinglaw allows those who answer questions the ability to link to relevant sites pertaining to questions.” I’m assuming you can attach a link to your legal website as long as its pertinent to the question.

  4. I have answered a few questions on this site and never thought to leave a link. If you leave a link where the website box is located does this count as an incoming link to your site? Rich – I also think the site offers a lot and there is great potential for such a site. Have a great vacation and I will send my articles to you after you return.

  5. Thank you for the recommendation for askinglaw. I decided to ask a question and my question was answered. I emailed you with a few recommendations on other sites as well. If you get a chance, please comment on them. I found them when I was looking for information.

  6. Hello, I would like to thank you for posting these articles as they are extremely useful to me. A few months ago I emailed you a legal question and you really helped me out by leading me in the right direction and I thank you. The site that you have listed on this post is very interesting and without knowing much about this service, can anyone answer these questions or are they lawyers answering these questions?

  7. Hey Jason,

    As far as I know, you can attach your link if you answer a question, or at least that is what it looks like. I’m sure if you are a lawyer and answering legal questions, they wouldn’t have a problem with you linking to your website.

    Benjy, as far as I know anyone can answer these questions. I would take it for what its worth no matter the answer you get on this site or any site on the internet. It is always important if you have an important event that is taking place and need legal guidance to consult a lawyer before making any critical decisions. That’s what I would do.

    Jeff, I looked over the sites and they look a little spammy to me.

  8. On March 5, 2007 James got up about 9:00 am I changed his dipper and got him dressed and then I gave him some breakfast. I put James in his walker everything was ok till about 11:00 am when I put James on the floor to crawl around. It seemed like every time he would move his leg he would start to cry and this is just a cry it’s a cry like he was in pain and the only time he would do this was when he would put his weight on his left leg. After I finely go James down for a nap I called Brian at work and told what was wrong and then I called my mom and told her she told me that we should take him to the ER and before I knew it Brian was home and said lets go. When we got to Elmhurst hospital in Elmhurst , Il at about 1:30 pm . We told the nurses that my son wouldn’t stop crying every time he would put weight on hi left leg my boyfriend over heard the nurses talk over what room to put us in and before we knew it we were all stuck in this little tiny room with a camera. So we sat there for about an hour till a doctor finely came in and we told him what was wrong with James. He told us that there will be a lot of test and there could be a number of things wrong with his leg/foot. They took James for some x-rays of his leg and then they brought James back and told us that there will be a nurse coming in to take some blood. They tried god knows how many times they tried to take his blood that is when I told to just stop that is when they put a thin plastic tube into his penis to take a urine sample from him and talk about screaming I have never heard my son cry like that. After all of that was done the doctor come in an hour later and told us that James has a spiral fracture in his left leg. (they did not show us the x-rays to show us where it was on his leg). The doctor left come back in and told us that a social worker was coming to talk to us after she talked to us she told us that DCFS was on there way to talk to us. They finely got there about 9:00pm and that was another three hours and finely at 12:00am they told us that we couldn’t take James home so my mom and dad took James home with them. James was there for the remanding of the month of march. Then we where told to take James to another doctor and they looked at the x-rays from Elmhurst they said that they couldn’t find any thing so they took there own and told us that there was NOTHING WORNG WITH HIS LEG OR FOOT. We talked to DCFS and they told us that we still couldn’t take James home till they talked to the doctor that was another week so we didn’t get James back till the end of march early April.
    we are looking for a pro bono lawyer for this suit if you can help in any way here is our phone number ask for Brian or Chris. I think that we were profiled due to that fact that I’m a single mom living with her boyfriend.

  9. The first thing I would like to know is who has “legal custody of your child.” Does your parents or you? The Department of Children and Family services is best known to protecting children from child abuse. While their intentions are good there are cases in which organizations such as DCFS will make incorrect decisions based upon the evidence at hand. I don’t know the specifics of how the DCFS makes decisions regarding unfit parents because I don’t take malpractice cases nor have I ever been involved with these types of groups. What I would recommend is calling your local bar association aka Illinois State Bar Association and ask them for a lawyer referral. The type of lawyer you will need is a lawyer that handles social services malpractice cases.

    Most malpractice attorneys work on a contingency fee basis which mean you will have to give them compensation if they win you a cash reward.

    *** Something to consider: Do you have your child in day care? You will also want to figure out how this injury could have occurred.

  10. I am currently looking for a well qualified personal injury lawyer located in Washington state. Can anyone recommend an attorney that takes cases involving nursing home abuse that are located within the state?

  11. I have attached a link below for a very good PI firm in Washington State.

  12. Hello.
    I have a mortgage since august 2001 with a local Florida bank. I asked $139.000 to be fully paind by august 2016 at a rate of 7% for the first 5 years and then variable each year. I have all the papers signed on those terms and i have been paying correctly and always on time till the present, but now my bank is telling me that they made a mistake back on august 2001 and that they calculated my monthly payments as a mortgage for 30 years term, when the real thing was 15 years instead of 30 years.
    My question is: what can they do to me? because i don’t want to increase my monthly payments and don’t think is fair to pay for a term that was not my choice and it’s not on the mortgage contract that i signed.
    Can they force me to pay something different of what i am paying now?
    Can they change these conditions on my mortgage? Can thry sue me? Can i sue them? What are my rights here?
    I haven’t made a mistake. It’s theirs and i can not pay for their mistakes.

  13. In Mn. how long do you and your spouse have to be married before you can sue for a lifestyle you have been accustomed too?

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