Employer Concerns About Mold And The Options

One of the places that we don’t usually think of when we think of mold is our working environment. We usually think that we’ll find it in our homes, but other buildings are just as susceptible.

If you are responsible for a number of employees and you suspect that there might be a mold infestation in your building, the first thing that you need to do is mold testing yourself and finding out if there truly is an infection of mold on the premises.

Send off the mold samples to a laboratory that specializes in the identification of mold and you should receive your results back in a couple of weeks.

If you find that there is truly a mold infestation on your property, then the best thing that you can do for all concerned is to notify your employees that there is a problem.

Call in an inspector so that they can determine just how extensive the contamination is and after they have given some professional advice, you should tell your employees that they are laid off until the contamination is taken care of. They should be informed of when the mold remediation will begin and the approximate date that it will end.

Inform your employees also that if they have been experiencing any health complications since they started working for you such as respiratory problems, skin rashes, or anything else that might be attributed to the presence of mold in the building.

Take care of the mold problem in your building as soon as possible; you do not want to be held responsible for the medical bills of your employees if they are diagnosed as having a condition caused by the mold they were exposed to while they were working for you. Not only will you be liable for the medical bills, but you will also probably be liable for their loss of income until they can return to work.

The contamination of your building should never be ignored, whether it is your home or your workplace, because even if you can afford to pay for the medical bills of others, you do not want this affecting your own health.

It is truly not worth it to risk the health of others along with your own in order to try and save some money. Have the mold removed as soon as possible.

Jim Corkern is a writer and promoter of quality Miami Residential Water Damage Restoration Contractors and Orlando water Damage companies.


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