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After several inquires I have decided to open up my blogroll to lawyers. Please understand the following: I am not an attorney, I don’t make money off this blog, nor do I promote anyone who submits articles to this blog. I am a huge advocate of our legal system because it works, at least most of the time. I do understand that advertisement for lawyers costs a ton of money and attorney are always looking for ways to get free advertisement and exposure via the internet. I have used this blog primarily as a project and nothing more. I dedicate several hours a week thumbing through articles and submitting them to this blog along with my views. This blog has received close to 30K hits in about 8 months which I believe is spectacular. I have received emails from attorneys thanking me for leading clients to their practice and individuals thanking me for leading them to the right attorney. This is very gratifying to me and I like the idea that I’m helping people find the right attorneys, and help attorneys find the right clients through blogging.

My policy for submitting your website or blog:

Your site must be an attorney blog

I will only except 4 sites per practice area

You must offer a reciprocal link to my site on the first page of your blog

I will not accept a site that is loaded with advertisements

If you are interested please email me at If you are not an attorney but have a site that is appealing and would fit well with this blog, you can email me over your link and I will consider putting you in the blogroll.

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12 Responses

  1. Rich,

    You truly have put a ton of time into this blog! I know speaking with other attorneys who submit articles on this site that it works. Please except my apologies for not sending a thank you note (haha). If you happen to get into my neck of the woods, look me up and I will take you and the wife out for a nice steak dinner. Check your email for the other 3 sites. Thanks again

  2. Sir,

    I sent you an email tonight and would appreciate if you could respond to my request. I have tried several times to submit an article to your site and have yet to see the link. Although I’m not a lawyer, I do promote internet marketing to attorneys. I would appreciate if you could check out my site and see if I too could get a link from legalcatch. Thank you for your timely response. My email is on the comment.

  3. I too have had a hard time submitting blogs / articles to this site. I continue to see new posts to this site and yet to see one single article that I have submitted. I don’t have this problem with other services and wish you would make the submissions process a little easier for us. I do not wish to be on your blogroll but would like the opportunity to submit my articles to this site. Can you please reply to let me know if there is a different email address or process in which we can get these articles / blogs published? Please don’t take this comment the wrong way!

  4. E.L. your sites are up! Jason and Brian, I blogged several months ago regarding this very topic. Unfortunately I forgot to link it and mention it in the article submissions page.
    I probably deleted the articles because they landed in my spam folder. If you would like to resubmit your articles I will take a look at them and get them up asap. I do receive a lot of articles that are just too spammy to post and I usually delete them and send back an email saying, “I can’t post this article because its too spammy.” I’m assuming this probably isn’t the case.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!

  5. Thanks Rich, I see they’re up!

  6. Due to a policy in wordpress we have decided to put a halt on this for the time being. We are considering adding a directory of lawyers that contribute to this site but that won’t be for another few months. If you contribute to this site by submitting articles please send me an email and let me know you are interested in being listed in a directory through

  7. XRumer is the best program for advertisement!
    It’s have CAPTCHA recognizer, email verificator, and a lot of other functions…

    But. I forgot link to it 😦

    Can you give me link to the XRumer description? screenshots, etc.

    Thank you

  8. XRumer is an auto submitter. This is used to post hundreds of messages at a time to various blogs and forums. This is very spammy and I would recommend using with caution.

    A better way of submitting your sites would be to do it manually.

  9. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  10. Idetrorce, I’ve heard that auto spamming can hurt you if you are spamming blogs. If you are posting articles than you probably have a point. Google can’t sometimes detect autospamming and I’ve heard they can penalize your site.

  11. You mean that google can sometimes detect auto spamming and they will penalize your site. Perhaps, but I would assume submitting blog posts to blogs is like sending out broadcast email. If your email client individually sends out an email one at a time than your email will typically not land in the spam folder. Same concept???

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