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Are you having trouble locating the right attorney? Have you searched through legal directories only to find out the attorney no longer practices law, changed their practice areas or even location? Are you annoyed by the fact it is taking so long to locate the right attorney or perhaps confused on which type of attorney you should hire? If you have answered yes to these questions, you now belong to an elite group of people searching for lawyers online. Unfortunately the number is on the rise.

TargetLaw is an all lawyer search engine consisting of only lawyers, law firms and attorneys. Our concept is to make it as easiest as possible for a consumer looking for a lawyer to search and find the right attorney each and every time.

Why is TargetLaw so unique?

There are hundreds of lawyer referral programs available on the internet. These programs are set-up mainly to make money on your referral. Unfortunately it makes no difference on the experience and qualifications of a lawyer, if an attorney is willing to pay the company fees for your referral, they will receive your name. There are some programs in which you get placed in a holding tank and your name is handed out to several attorneys. These programs can be called “first come, first serve.” Again, makes no difference on how good the lawyer may be, ultimately you are just another number to a referral company.

Lawyer directories although can be useful, they also can be frustrating. A lawyer directory typically consists of those attorneys willing to pay a fee to be listed in a lawyer directory. Again, makes no difference if you are qualified or experienced in a practice area, if you are willing to pay the company money, you will get listed! Furthermore, a lawyer directory can not be tailored to attorneys retiring, changes practice areas and changing location, unless the attorney manually goes in and changes his or hers listing. This can result in information that is outdated and ultimately causes frustration to the end user looking for the right lawyer to handle his or her case.

So why is TargetLaw so unique? TargetLaw is a lawyer search engine consisting of only lawyers, law firms and attorneys. When performing a search within the attorney search engine you will be presented with all lawyer websites. Depending upon your searches depends upon the relevancy of each search. Search for location and practice areas and the search result will present the best results for that search. Furthermore, each attorney can submit their lawyer website for free. The reason we don’t charge to be listed in our lawyer search engine is because we don’t want to limit people looking for attorneys only to those who pay. This gives the consumer more choices and the comfort that they can locate an attorney in an unbiased manner.

Furthermore, TargetLaw allows the end user to locate that attorney within 2 clicks; put in your search ie. “New York Personal Injury Lawyer” and the second by clicking on a website. Less time clicking through directories or filling out your name for call backs through a referral program and more time looking and investigating the right attorney for you case. With TargetLaw, you now have more time to investigate each firm and less wasted time actually locating an attorney.

TargetLaw’s lawyer search is the quickest and easiest way of locating an attorney for your legal issue. If you are currently looking for legal representation, visit TargetLaw today.


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11 Responses

  1. I recently found Target Law from your website. I would like to thank you for leading me in the right direction. Targetlaw is a great lawyer search engine and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a lawyer. I found an attorney almost immediately and thank goodness for me he has been everything + more.
    Thanks Rcartwell….B. Barcl…

  2. As my name suggests that is exactly what I have been doing over the last few weeks. I must say, without I would have been lost. I did about 50 different searches found about 10 lawyers and called them all. I am not hear promoting this site, well maybe, but in any event, this search engine ROCKS! I finally did find a lawyer and oddly enough, it was from Targetlaw. Funny thing about it, when the attorney asked me how I found him, he never heard of the company!!!!

  3. Targetlaw is so much better than Martindale and findlaw. Not even close. Great prospecting tool as well!

  4. I am a sales representative for one of the web companies that sell to lawyers. I admit this is a great place to find lawyers and I personally work with lawyers that have gotten business from this site. Although its not nearly on the level of a or, it certainly has the potential to be a dominant player in this market because of ease of use.

  5. We submitted our website and we never got a confirmation. How can we find out if it was submitted? We tried contacting them but never got an email back. Thanks

  6. All you need to do is put in your URL in their search box and hit submit.

  7. Thank you I’m listed!

  8. I work as a paralegal for a law firm located in Cali. Part of my job description is submitting articles and listing our website in directories. I have found over the past several months we have received numerous calls from folks searching If you are an attorney its certainly worth the email to get listed. They do it for free.

  9. Nice way to find lawyers. Like a lawyer directory on steroids being a lawyer search engine. I found the type of lawyer I needed quickly using targetlaw

  10. I did some searches on Targetlaw and only found actual attorney websites. Not those generic directories for DWI and such that just try and farm leads to law firms. Good free lawyer directory.

  11. Targetlaw has been re-released as an attorney directory. If you have submitted your law firm website, you will need to go to and submit a profile for each attorney at your firm. The profile and listing can should be descriptive. The profile includes Attorney Overview, Summary Description. Law Firm Name, Website, Practice Area Tags, and Location Tags.
    Targetlaw also has an artcle submission page where lawyers can submit legal related articles.

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