Filing and Settling Patent Infringement Cases

Patent infringement lawsuits deal directly with patent violations, the violation of an inventor’s right to exclusively market and profit from the novel and original idea. Filing one is costly, and in the United States, the governing body of patents and patent application determines what is unique and original enough to be considered novel.

The U.S. Patent Office does not deal with infringement. For this, a lawyer is necessary in order to file a infringement lawsuit. The filing of a patent infringement lawsuit means that you have successfully obtained rights from the U.S. Patent Office, and whether intentionally or accidentally, someone else has mimicked your patented invention and has begun to profit from it.

Since the U.S. Patent Office generally prefers that all patents are filed through a lawyer or agency, most inventors already have a lawyer. However, those who exercised their decision to file with the U.S. Patent Office via a patenting agency are going to need to acquire a lawyer, as agencies do not handle infringement lawsuits.

Filing a patent infringement lawsuit generally comes after a series of predetermined steps that allows the company or inventor who has created the violation the opportunity to cease production and marketing and return with a infringement settlement offer.

In some cases, the settlement offer is fair and the settlement offer is accepted. However, in most cases the settlement offer is what the company or inventor feels they can handle without presenting too much of a financial hardship on themselves and it really doesn’t reflect a fair offer. Thus, the lawyer will then file on your behalf a patent infringement lawsuit.

The U.S. Patent Office maintains a record of all active and expired patents, and their records are available to the public. If yours has been accepted by the U.S. Patent Office, your patent will be in a searchable database that anyone can search to discover whether their invention or enhancement will be in jeopardy of an infringement violation.

Obviously, in cases of patent infringement, the company or inventor did not adequately search the U.S. Patent Office’s database, or they decided that their invention was close enough to being different and decided to move forward with production. In many cases, violators have filed a request for a provisional patent or for a patent with the U.S. Patent Office and have not yet received a response. The damage caused by law violations is grounds for an infringement lawsuit.

Patent infringement lawsuits are actually on the rise. Lawyers receive a lot of business from those who have filed design patents with the U.S. Patent Office. International laws are quite different, and these laws require interpretation from a highly skilled lawyer.

However, there are laws which determine that foreign violations are illegal as well and an infringement lawsuit can be filed against a foreign patent law violator, provided the laws which were violated apply to international standards. These questions can only be adequately answered by a well informed patent lawyer.

Once an infringement lawsuit has been filed, the violator has the option of fighting the patent infringement lawsuit in court, or making another, more reasonable offer. If the infringement lawsuit ends up in front of a jury, the quality of your lawyer will make a significant difference in the outcome of the infringement lawsuit.

Patent infringement is basically theft of thought, and it is important that victims of violations stand up for their rights and are willing to file infringement lawsuits. This helps to keep the laws stable and accountable. Without lawyers and without infringement lawsuits, patent violations would carry no significant consequence, and thus what would be the motivation for adhering to them?

The U.S. Patent Office only grants patents to unique and original ideas that enhance or better advancement. They are very strict about their regulations, which is why the laws exist. Being the victim of a patent violation undermines the necessary and costly steps you took to protect your invention, and an infringement lawsuit is the only recourse available.

A well educated patent lawyer can help you every step of the way, from filing the initial patent, to understanding laws, to filing an infringement lawsuit. This is just one reason why lawyers are preferable to patenting agencies in the long run.

Nick Johnson, lead counsel and founding partner of Johnson Law Group, represents individuals or companies with cases involving patent infringement. Find more information at or or call 1-888-311-5522


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