Asbestos Related Claims – Getting Compensation

Many people are affected by Asbestos related diseases throughout the UK. It is estimated that Asbestos affects as many as 1 in 100 men over the age of 40 in this Country as well as an increasing number of women. Exposure to Asbestos dust can damage the fibrous tissue in the lungs.

Claims can be made by Claimants, even though the exposure was 30 or more years ago, and the past employer(s) has gone out of business.

Claims can also be made for deceased Claimants on behalf of their loved ones/estate.

Successful ‘secondary’ claims for Asbestos have been won by Widows of those exposed, after suffering lung damage merely from handling/washing clothes and overalls containing harmful asbestos fibres, and even Grandchildren have received compensation, after contracting lung conditions merely from sitting on Granddad’s knee when he was still wearing his work clothes.

The compensation obtained can, in many cases, amount to well in excess of £100,000 pounds, depending upon the severity of the particular disease.

Asbestos has no respect for socio-economic group or occupation. There are over 1,000 new cases of Mesothelioma reported every year in the UK. It is generally accepted asbestos is the cause.

The types of occupation where exposure can be found/occur include the following:-

Asbestos Cement Products Industry (used for strong, inexpensive building materials, eg tiles, corrugated roofing, gutters, water and drain pipes, chimneys etc.
Floor tiling industry
Insulation and Fire Proofing
Power Plant Works
Central Heating and/or air conditioning contractors
School and Hospital workers
Ship workers

Symptoms can include breathlessness and persistent coughing which may cause sleepless nights leading to fatigue. Some sufferers report chest pain and feeling as though a heavy weight is pressing down on their chest, depending upon the particular condition.

There are a number of state benefits available to victims and their carers. A specialist Solicitor can not only pursue compensation claims for sufferers on a true No Win No Fee basis, but also provide advice and assistance with applications in order to maximize benefit entitlement.

Andrew Bowen is the CEO of CityView Media who own and run National Injury Claims, Claim King Accident Compensation, and Accept Direct Car Insurance.


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  1. I am an electrician in Baltimore and many of the buildings were built early 1900’s which of course were built with products that in fact have asbestos. My question would be how many of these cases are actually reported throughout the U.S.?

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