Obtaining a Plant Patent

Patenting a plant is a fairly rare occurrence. The U.S. Patent Office issues between 3 and 5% of new patents annually for plants. Defining a new species of plant and applying for a plant patent can bring the herbal creator quite a bit of money, especially if the plant has any health properties worth marketing.

Patent infringement as it relates to plant patents is not uncommon, as those who are aware of the value of a plant patent are also aware of the value of seeking out alternative methods of discovering new plants.

The U.S. Patent Office generally prefers that plant patent applicants utilize a patent lawyer when trying to determine whether or not they have created or discovered a new plant variety or species.

It is very uncommon for a plant patent to be issued for a species, although new varieties are created all the time. Many of the creators are unaware that they can even apply for a plant patent, which is why obtaining a patent lawyer prior to applying to the U.S. Patent Office is a vital step.

The U.S. Patent Office estimates that only 60% of new plant varieties ever make it in front of their review board as a patent applicant. Patent lawyers have attempted to get the word out that there is something known as a plant patent.

Because not everyone who creates a new plant realizes that plants can be patented, patent infringement pertaining to plants is not all that uncommon. Of course, this begs the question, why would anyone create a plant if they are unaware that they can retain a patent lawyer and apply to the U.S. Patent Office for a plant patent?

A fairly large percentage of plants are created by amateur plant lovers and not by professional horticulturist. A large percentage of amateur plant lovers are not working for a company that is devoted to plant research nor do they intend to do anything with their new plant, other than try to make it grow again.

Patent infringement as it applies to plants can get quite tricky when the notion of plant patents is not well known. Either way, the best course of action for anyone who has intentionally, unintentionally, professionally or otherwise, created a new plant is to seek out the advice of a patent lawyer and apply for a patent for the new plant via the U.S. Patent Office.

Patent infringement as it applies to plants is an equally serious offense as a patent infringement for other patents. Patent infringement is a violation of an inventor’s right to capitalize on their invention and their intellectual prowess. A patent lawyer can help protect a patent applicant’s right to protect their financial interests.

Hiring a patent lawyer is fairly simple process provided that the applicant does a little due diligence. A patent lawyer with experience is a much better choice than a patent lawyer without experience, obviously. The patent infringement lawyer’s court room experience is also valuable, whether or not it is ever actually required of him or her.

A plant patent is not nearly as difficult to obtain as creating the new plant, however, patent infringement precautions should still be exercised in the event that an incident of patent infringement occurs. This extra step of protection, hiring a patent lawyer, is there to ensure that you are well advised in the event of a violation of a plant patent infringement.

This means that your patent lawyer will already have a strong understanding of the timeline issues, such as when you created the plant and when the plant patent was filed, as well as the intricate nature of patent infringement rules and ethics. Having a patent lawyer who is already familiar with your case and your patent makes resolving a patent infringement violation much easier and faster.

Once the U.S. Patent Office has determined that permitting you a plant patent won’t incite a patent infringement violation, you are then free to market your new plant in whatever avenue you see fit, whether it is a medicinal herbal remedy or a new variety of plant for the back yard, the profit is now yours.

A patent lawyer can explain the maintenance fees associated with receiving a patent, how long it takes before you can expect your patent to be granted, and how to go about protecting your patent rights. Patent infringement issues can then be handled quickly, and often without a great expense as any indication of patent infringement can be immediately delved into by your patent lawyer.

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