Explaining Patents and Trademarks

The U.S. Patent Office is the warehousing authority on all registered patents and patents which have been applied for. Patent infringement is the use or profit based on a patent which has been registered or applied for, with a grace period of one year.

However, patent infringement can still occur even within the one year grace period. Hiring a patent attorney is recommended for anyone wishing to prosecute a patent violator or for anyone who wishes to go through the process of filing a patent.

It is not necessary to hire a patent attorney to apply for a patent. A patent lawyer is a lawyer who is chronically apprised of all changing patent laws, and who has been well versed in the process of patents and patent infringement.

When patent infringement occurs, a patent lawyer goes through several legal steps in order to file a patent infringement lawsuit. A patent lawyer is not a guarantee of a positive verdict and judgment, but a well versed patent lawyer can typically explain patent law in the easiest possible light for a jury to understand.

This makes the process of hiring a patent lawyer very important, choosing a high quality patent lawyer is the first step in proving patent infringement.

Juries are typically not un-intelligent people, however, patent infringement laws can be rather complicated, and sometimes there is a fine line between what determines patent infringement and what doesn’t.

Patent infringement is not always an open and shut case that is easy to prove. The U.S. Patent Office has willingly turned down over 60% of the applied for patents in a relatively short amount of time on the basis that they would be suborning patent infringement.

The U.S. Patent Office only grants patents to would be new patents and does not split hairs. If it looks like it will be patent infringement, the U.S. Patent Office will turn down a patent request.

Hiring a patent attorney does not necessarily mean that a company is able to prosecute patent infringement. Hiring a patent attorney is only a step in either acquiring a patent or proving that patent infringement has occurred. In cases of trademark violations, hiring a patent attorney also reveals the trademark violations.

Trademarks are not the same as patents, however a patent lawyer can be used for trademark issues as well as patent infringements. Trademark violations are more visual, meaning a logo or an intentional misspelling or any other symbol or details that represent a company, brand, or product.

Patent lawyers cover all the basics of trademark law and patent infringement laws, including copyright laws. These laws combined protect the integrity of a company and its marketing and services.

These laws were put into effect to allow the pursuit of the American dream, to prosper financially from a unique or original idea, and to protect those who search for the development of the betterment of society either through technology, invention, or thought.

Hiring a patent attorney is only on basic step in protecting these rights that were implemented with the basic intention of protecting intellectual and material property brought about by progressive thinkers.

When a company is considering hiring a patent attorney, most often it is to enlist their services to check with the U.S. Patent Office about a potential new product.

However, individual inventors typically do not consider hiring a patent attorney when they are developing a new invention, and they rely on the U.S. Patent Office’s searchable database for their information regarding whether or not they may be flirting with patent infringement.

However, a patent lawyer can be relied upon to search out the U.S. Patent Office’s database for either a large company or an individual inventor. This can help prevent instances of patent infringement, a crime that our society doesn’t really hear that much about.

Patent infringement is something that most Americans are aware of, but are certainly not well educated about, especially the specifics that patent lawyers have spent years mastering, and thus it is not always relevant to the average American citizen.

However, every now and then an average citizen believes they have an excellent idea and they attempt to file for a patent. To avoid the potential for patent infringement, these individuals would do themselves a service if they consider hiring a patent attorney.

Patent lawyers are quite capable of providing guidance for the small inventor, the one time inventor, as well as large companies with on staff full time company inventors.

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