California Asbestos Lawyers Representing Thousands

Asbestos litigation and mesothelioma lawsuits are on the rise once again in California. Thankfully, there are top notch, eager asbestos lawyers ready to handle the workload as mesothelioma victims are coming by the thousands in search of their day in court. Mesothelioma lawsuits are now one of the fastest growing medically based lawsuits bracket in California, a perfectly preventable tragedy.

California asbestos laws have attempted to make mesothelioma lawsuits harder to file, but the evidence can not be swept under the rug and asbestos lawyers are proving time and again that the American dream was flushed down the hall of hopes with big business taking callous and careless attitudes toward the dutiful employees that made them wealthy.

California asbestos laws can’t hide the negligence, and asbestos lawyers are fighting on behalf of victims and their families to prove this. Asbestos litigation is nothing new. The first filing of a mesothelioma lawsuit dates all the way back to the 1930’s. It would have made sense for big business to have addressed their asbestos problems by now, or perhaps it is way past time for tougher California asbestos laws for asbestos neglect by businesses and corporations.

With the history of mesothelioma lawsuits and asbestos litigation, it would have made sense for California asbestos laws to require more stringent bans on the use of asbestos and higher standards for company policies involving employee protection. However, asbestos is still in use today, granted in smaller amounts, but still at high enough concentrations to cause more mesothelioma lawsuits in the future.

If California asbestos laws would impose a ban on asbestos and require asbestos removal, the health of California employees would simply no longer be at risk. It’s just logical.

Asbestos litigation and asbestos lawyers are hard at work presenting this logical thought process to juries throughout the state. Jury awards in asbestos litigation tends to run very high, as asbestos lawyers have been able to impress upon juries how simple and cost effective it would have been for companies with asbestos exposure problems to protect their employees.

Juries, who are typically average hardworking individuals themselves, understand the insanity of being in a situation that requires a mesothelioma lawsuit, and often have had enough of big business practices which do not consider employee health or well being.

Thus businesses that are guilty of asbestos exposure are likely to run into numerous mesothelioma lawsuits in the near future. Mesothelioma lawsuits are the only voice that a mesothelioma victim has against the company that negligently contributed to their illness and asbestos lawyers are their very necessary mouthpiece.

Asbestos lawyers have sent eh detrimental nature of mesothelioma, and are fighting diligently both in the courtrooms of California as well as in the California legislature to hopefully amend California asbestos laws to work more in favor of harsher discipline for violators of asbestos safety requirements, as well as to tighten the belt of requirements as soon as possible.

While asbestos is a fire retardant, there are now newer and safer materials that can do the job of asbestos, although granted not as cheaply. California asbestos laws are too lenient on the use of asbestos as well as violators of current California asbestos laws. It takes a very good asbestos lawyer to fight this battle in full flair, but the necessity of the fight can no longer be denied.

Mesothelioma victims who file mesothelioma lawsuits do so in order to protect their family’s financial future, to help offset the astronomical costs of mesothelioma treatments, and to heighten awareness of asbestos related illness and their ability to be prevented.

It is senseless that a lifetime of service to a company and a dedication that employees have shown end up in a courtroom fighting a mesothelioma lawsuit, and in a hospital room fighting a mesothelioma prognosis.

Every human being has the right as a human to be treated with respect of health and well being. There truly is no excuse for asbestos exposure in our age of technological advancements and our ability to produce safer and more effective fire resistant materials.

Perhaps it will take more than a few dedicated asbestos lawyers and mesothelioma lawsuits and asbestos litigation to drive these points home and change California asbestos laws, but it the place we have to start. With the dedicated expertise and the heart of the victims, California asbestos laws are bound to face changes one day.

Unfortunately for the thousands in California alone who are already affected by mesothelioma and asbestos related disease, someday did not come soon enough.

Tim Dillard has worked with some of the largest law firms in America. Dillard is currently the host of Tops In Texas, ( and president of Dillard Local Branding (, a Houston-based web design, Internet marketing and search engine marketing firm.


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