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I am a student at Salisbury University and was pulled over last week for a Driving under the influence of alcohol. I am looking for a lawyer that represents students who have been pulled over for a DWI or DUI in the Salisbury Maryland area. I was tested on a Breathalyzer and I blew a .08 which apparently over the legal limit. My parents are unaware of this and I intend to keep it this way. I am looking for the right attorney that will keep my case confidential from my parents. The other problem is that I’m am under the drinking age which makes it a little worse. Can you please refer me to a good lawyer that can help me out with my case. I don’t have a ton of money because I’m a student but because of the circumstance at hand, I’m willing to beg and borrow for the right lawyer.

Again I am looking for a lawyer in Salisbury MD to help me out with my DWI case. Thank you!


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  1. What you need is a lesson and you got one. Now comes the lawyer. There are a handful of lawyers located in Salisbury Maryland so I would either do an internet search, look at this lawyer directory posted here or perhaps open up your yellow pages and look for a DWI lawyer. They will be able to keep your DWI confidential so make sure you give them the school address in which you are dorming or renting. You are going to be facing the unfortunate circumstance of losing your license so make sure you are prepared to tell your parents something. If you are having trouble finding a lawyer in Salisbury you may also want to look in Ocean City MD for a lawyer as well.

  2. If you have been charged with a DWI in Maryland than you will have 2 different hearings. First you will have an MVA hearing that will either take place in Salisbury or Glen Burnie Maryland. The hearing will take place to determine whether you should lose your drivers license. The second hearing will be a criminal hearing in which they will decide your fate. If this is the first DWI or DUI in Maryland you will typically get a Probation before Judgement. Now because you are underage you maybe screwed. I know this because I just went through the whole process. I used a guy (which I won’t include) out of Baltimore for my DWI and he was alright. I heard there were better lawyers and I probably should have gotten a different attorney. Well in any event, just make sure the lawyer or attorney that you hire is one that does these DWI cases all the time. Also, it may be a good idea to hire a lawyer in or around the town you are going to court in ie. Salisbury. Good luck

  3. BAC level of .08 or more in Maryland is considered drinking over the limit and if you are caught driving a motor vehicle you will be charged with the offense. If you are looking for experienced representation from a Maryland DWI lawyer you should consider how long that attorney has been representing cases as well as their success record. A few tips would be to hire an attorney that focuses on Maryland criminal law, feel comfortable with the lawyer and ask as many questions as possible prior to hiring a law firm.

  4. I’m looking for one as well around Salisbury, MD. I just came across this site which takes DWI cases in our county. I found it under an article on this site. This site and that site are the same sites.

  5. Also, which links from that site. I think this is their blog from them but can’t tell. It must be the same lawyer because the numbers are the same.

  6. Kendall, did you hire that firm? I just got one the other night and found this link. Can you tell me if they are any good?

  7. I was also pulled over for a DWI in Maryland. I was pulled over outside of Baltimore after a night in Canton. When they pulled me over I decided not to take the Breathalyzer and they arrested me on the spot. I need to know the best DWI defense lawyer in this state because I have a lot at stake. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

  8. Jen, I ended up hiring them but because I haven’t gone to my MVA or criminal hearing I can’t make any recommendations. If you want to provide your email to me I will let you know how it goes. Based upon my arrest, they believe they have a good defense against the charge. That is about the only thing I can tell you.

  9. I hired them and got a PBJ. Considering the results from my BAC (well over .08) I was delighted to say the least. I was a little nervous at the MVA hearing because they kept on saying guilty, guilty and guilty. Final result “not guilty” I have no idea what happened during this hearing but I can tell you I was delighted when he took my out of the courtroom and told me to have a nice day.

  10. Kendall, I went ahead and hired them as well. To be honest, I talked to several different DWI lawyers in Maryland and he was one of the more affordable ones. He’s been handling DWI cases for sometime so I feel comfortable with my decision.

    Please, let me know how he does at your MVA hearing.

  11. I was in Maryland several weeks ago and got a DWI. I was on my way home to New York from a party in Towson. Do I have to hire a DWI lawyer in Maryland or can I could I hire one from New York?

  12. If you got pulled over for a DWI in Maryland you need to hire a DWI lawyer in Maryland. Most likely a DWI lawyer in NY doesn’t or can’t provide representation in Maryland.

  13. If you were arrested in Maryland for a DWI you need to contact a DWI lawyer in Maryland and not one in New York. Most criminal Lawyers only practice within their state.

  14. Hey Hey, thanks for the response. I called around yesterday and the DWI lawyers here don’t take DWI cases in Maryland. Anyone have a recommendation for a good DWI lawyer in Maryland???

  15. Also, can someone provide me with information on Maryland DWI laws. I’m assuming they are different than those here in New York. Jail time, penalties probation etc.??

  16. I did a search on google and found this site through this article.
    This article explains the DWI process here in Maryland and what you can expect.

  17. Thanks Kendall! I was looking for something with a little more detail but this will do.

  18. Jen, I had my MVA hearing yesterday and it went well. I have my license with nothing attached to the inside of my car. Can’t ask for anything better than that! I will go to my criminal hearing here in the next week or so. I will keep you posted. So if you are asking me for my recommendation thus far, than yes they are good lawyers, at least for the time being. If you don’t get a post from me by the end of next week, I’m in JAIL :.(

  19. I recommend Andrea Hayduk out of Greenbelt, MD. I was charged with DUI following a traffic accident in Laurel. I failed the field sobriety test, was arrested, and refused to blow.

    I won my MVA hearing (and kept my license) and was found not guilty. Andrea is an excellent DUI attorney, and worth every penny of the $3000.

  20. She is with the attorney Lenny Stamm who is one of the better DUI attorneys throughout Maryland. This firm should certainly be considered if you get any type of alcohol violation within the state.

  21. BTW- This is her website address for those who are interested in hiring Andrea Hayduck for a DUI.

  22. I had a great outcome recently with Attorney William Day. I was stopped at a sobriety checkpoint in College Park, Maryland and arrested. He advised me not to plead guilty and He held their feet to the fire and made them prove their case. On the trial date when all of the state’s witnesses were not there Attorney Day demanded that the charges be dropped. Since the state attorney said one of the cops was sick the judge rescheduled the trial. On the second trial date, the state was unable to prove their case and my drunk driving arrest was dismissed. He was very upfront with his fee (flat fee) that I thought was reasonable. He represented me at the MVA hearing and all court appearances. He didn’t charge more for the second court date either. Good luck

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