Divorce Attorney in Pembroke Maine

I reside in Pembroke Maine and I’m looking for a lawyer referral for a good divorce lawyer. I caught my husband of 20 years cheating on me. He apparently was having a relationship behind my back for almost 2 years. We have 2 kids both of which are still in high school, we own a house and have other assets in which I would like to protect. What I need is a Lawyer located in or around the Pembroke area which will aggressively represent me for child custody, divorce and to ultimately get me whats rightfully mine.


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3 Responses

  1. I don’t know much about Pembroke Maine but you should be entitled to half. This means once you file a divorce half of which you own with this man you are entitled too. Due to the circumstance, I see you also getting custody of your kids. If you are looking for a good divorce lawyer perhaps you ask for a referral from a friend. After all, when money, kids and ultimately your livelihood is on the line, a referral works best. When searching you can search for a divorce lawyer, custody lawyer or family lawyer both in the phone book or internet if you don’t get a lawyer referral. Good luck

  2. If you reside in Pembroke Maine and your looking for a good divorce lawyer why don’t you just call the local bar association and they will refer someone over to you. Your situation is not great at all. After 20 plus years of marriage you find out he was cheating on you? You should certainly divorce him and divorce him quick. You should have no problem getting custody of your kids. Good luck.

  3. Dealing with all these people and complying with the paperwork are usually
    time-consuming. Some prefer a conventional professional fee that can mainly rely on how complex the case is.

    Finding a lawyer that specializes in auto accident law will prove vital
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