Lawsuit Cash Advances

When you are looking for lawsuit cash advances you should consider the following:

  • How much money do you need?
  • How quickly do you need the cash advance?
  • How do I know what rates are considered fair?
  • How can I find the right lawsuit funding company?

There are several different types of lawsuit cash advances. There are cash advances for pre-settlement cases (also known as personal injury lawsuit cash advances), structured settlement cash advances (lawsuit cash advances against a structured settlement annuity), commercial litigation cash advances and law firm loans. Depending upon which type of lawsuit cash advance you are looking for will play an important role of which types of lawsuit funding companies you should be evaluating.

There are lawsuit lenders that specialize or gear their loans towards all of the above while some are more specific towards different type of legal funding. It is important prior to taking any type of cash advance regardless of the lawsuit cash advance you compare several companies to make sure you are getting the best rates for your money.

When you are looking on the amount of money you are seeking for your cash advance consider the following: The more money you request the potential of a higher rate on return, meaning that some companies will charge a higher interest rate on your money. For instance if you were involved in a car accident and you requested either a $25,000.00 cash advanced compared to a $5,000 dollar cash advance the company is more than likely to charger a higher rate on your dollar. The reason is that most companies depending upon the loan type or lawsuit cash advance will take on cases as “non-recourse funding” which means they only get paid if you are compensated.

When you are under a time crunch to pay bills and stay afloat it could be very important how quickly a company can turn around your loan. There can be many delays such as how quickly the lender can get in touch with your attorney for additional information regarding your case, to processing an application to making an offer.

So how can I know that the offer my lender is putting forth is a fair offer. As mentioned earlier, many companies provide different types of rates depending upon the your case. These rates are higher for some companies and lower for others. The object is finding the right lender at the right rate. This can be a very complicated task if you have never gone through the process of securing a lawsuit cash advance.

Finding the right lawsuit funding company can take time and without previous knowledge or the experience of working with such companies it can be also very stressful. LawLeaf is an online legal funding company that works with consumers in securing lawsuit cash advances. By allowing our lawsuit cash advance lenders to compete for your business it will take the stress out of both locating the right lender while giving you the ability to compare which rates and payouts best meet your financial needs. LawLeaf can locate funding for pre-settlement funding, structured settlement annuity, commercial litigation funding and law firm loans.


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