Taking Your Auto Accident Case to Court

Your auto accident lawsuit is the biggest thing on your mind almost all of the time. Everyday you come up with more questions and new scenarios to ask your auto accident lawyer about because you feel you need to win this. You believe you need to win this not because just because you’re falling farther behind in the bills and you still aren’t sure when you’ll be able to return to work, but because the other driver was so incredibly out of line with his behavior behind the wheel and after the accident, there is no other form of justice out there for you.

The opposing side has offered you a fair injury settlement, but you turned it down based on principle and your auto accident lawyer’s judgment that a jury would hear your side loud and clear. You can’t sleep because you wonder about your auto accident lawsuit, you worry about the bills, you’re scared of how your physical condition may or may not progress. Your life has been turned upside down by one driver’s reckless thoughtlessness, and you’ve been left to deal with it.

Turning down a personal injury settlement was a big step for you. You and your family could have sued for the money now, but there’s this part of you that knows your auto accident lawyer was accurate when he told you that juries are offended by people who lack compassion for those they hurt, and the other driver has seriously lacked compassion for you since the moment you were pulled from the mangled car alive.

There isn’t a personal injury settlement that he could offer that would erase the nightmares you’ve had or the depression your kids have watched you go through. And he never even apologized for the accident, a simple human courtesy and it was too much for him. You’re angry. You wonder if you turned down a good deal when he offered the personal injury settlement because you’re angry at what this has done to your life.

It’s 3 o’clock in the morning and you desperately want to call your auto accident lawyer and ask him if that’s what you did. You want to make wise decisions right now, not ones based on anger. By 4 o’clock you will have realized that you turned down the personal injury settlement offer because you knew in your heart it wasn’t a fair offer.

Taking your auto accident lawsuit to court will be a continuation of this roller coaster ride that has kept you awake at night for months. Some days you feel ready and you can’t wait to get this all behind you and other days you don’t think you’ll ever be ready and you secretly hope that the day to go to court will never come.

You have the utmost faith in your auto accident lawyer, and know that they are competent. You have asked every question you could possibly think of and your auto accident lawyer has answered them all patiently, directly, and as honestly as possible. Your auto accident lawyer discussed the personal injury settlement offer with you several times from various different angles, and you know in your heart that your auto accident lawyer was giving you solid advice.

These emotions, the fear, the anxiety, the stress, and the chronic questioning will eventually dissipate, although for many people, the roller coaster doesn’t end until the auto accident lawsuit does. It is a big deal when your life is changed beyond your control, and your only recourse is an auto accident lawsuit. You have the courage of your convictions to take it to court, and you are comfortable with your decision.

In the event that the stress of an auto accident lawsuit is inhibiting your sleep or you are chronically concerned about a personal injury settlement offer you turned down in favor of taking your auto accident lawsuit to trial, you may want to seek a little professional counseling.

These things are very stressful, and no matter how competent and wonderful your auto accident lawyer is, a huge stressor is exactly that. There is no shame is determining that the stress of taking your auto accident lawsuit to court is costing you sleep. Sometimes talking about the accident, how it changed your life, and where to go from this moment on is the healthiest thing that a victim can do. Obsessing about your auto accident lawsuit isn’t going to help.

Finding a balance, understanding your reasons for declining a personal injury settlement offer, and knowing that there is joy in the world even if you aren’t awarded a dime is the healthiest place you can go. Once you can positively deal with your auto accident lawsuit, it will turn out much better for you.

Nick Johnson is lead counsel and founding partner of Johnson Law Group. Johnson represents plaintiffs injured in auto accidents, truck accidents and vehicle rollovers. Call 1-888-311-5522 immediately or visit http://www.topautoaccidentattorneys.com or http://www.toprolloveraccidentattorneys.com


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