Nursing Home Abuse

Malnutrition is the silent form of nursing home abuse that can’t necessarily be seen by the naked eye. While it is normal for patients to lose a few pounds in the initial days of residence, it is not normal for a patient to continuously lose weight after a brief adjustment period.

Unfortunately cases of nursing home abuse that are the result of malnutrition often aren’t caught until it is too late. The resident of the home has already lost an excessive amount of body weight and illness has set in before malnutrition is discovered. This type of abuse often crosses the desks of lawyers as a wrongful death suit. Malnutrition in the elderly can often be deadly.

Nursing home abuse lawyers are working diligently to catapult the laws and the punishments for breaking those laws to a much higher level of consciousness within the court systems. Already, tens of thousands of lawsuits are filed annually. This is an alarming amount of nursing home lawsuits, and a definite societal concern. These problems are not just about the beating of an elderly woman, they are about the neglectful care that our elderly fall under when no one is watching.

Nursing home lawsuits set a standard of care faster than anything else. Once a jury determines there is monetary value in a claim, it becomes of similar value across the board, more or less. Nursing home abuse lawsuits are staggering, both in their horrific nature and in their jury awards.

Lawyers work tirelessly for victims who all too often are unable to speak for themselves, sometimes as a result of the nursing home abuse. Malnutrition in the elderly can lead to dementia, coma, and death if it is not discovered early in the process. Often an illness or infection will set in, exposing both the malnutrition and the abuse at the same time.

However, many families believe the information they are given such as the resident did not wish to eat and there were no warning signs of malnutrition setting in. It is up to the family to determine to call a lawyer to have the matter investigated thoroughly.

Explanations may be acceptable in one case, but often nursing homes that are in violation of nursing home abuse laws have several cases of malnutrition in their record, and its usually a record that is shocking to those who ask a lawyer to investigate their claims.

Often family members are hesitant to call a nursing home abuse lawyer despite their concerns because they are afraid of pointing a finger at an innocent facility. The truth of the matter is, this is such a rampant problem that even reputable nursing homes expect to be contacted by a few lawyers.

Of course, those without cause have nothing to hide and are not immediately put on guard and understand a family’s desire to keep their loved one safe. Typically, facilities that are hiding their record, intentions, or actual abuse are going to be the ones most likely to give signs of patient retaliation.

Unfortunately it happens more regularly than most people realize. Once a nursing home abuse lawyer has determined whether or not there is enough evidence to proceed with a lawsuit, the family can then start making decisions about how to proceed with their loved one’s care.

It obviously doesn’t make good sense to leave a loved one in the same care that you are filing a lawsuit against. Though a nursing home lawyer can only provide what they are capable by law, a lawyer is likely to know which facilities have had no substantiated or successful lawsuits filed against them under current management.

Nursing home lawsuits, as well as nursing home abuse lawyers, are the front line of defense against abuse and neglect. It is an unfortunate state of affairs that this type of attention is needed to care for our elderly.

Without lawsuits, the progression of nursing home abuse laws would never have come as far as they have. They still have a long way to go before the punishment fits the crime, but at least there is continually progress thanks to lawyers who went to bat for a few older, lonely souls in the not so distant past.

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  1. Wow that’s terrible. I have been hearing bad stories such as this about some nursing homes. I know I don’t want to move into one until I absolutely have to. What I will do though is move into a senior living community. It sounds like just a regular apartment style living where seniors can be comfortable with the people around them.

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