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The other day we all discussed a lawyer search engine called TargetLaw, which I truly believe is the easiest way to find an attorney online. It is so good I decided to scrap the whole directory project for our Lawyer Search as we will begin linking to their search engine for targeted lawyer searches (hence TargetLaw). Did I tell you they have some 50,000 lawyer websites in this engine. You can pretty much search for any type of lawyer throughout the U.S. and you will get a website of an attorney. After several comments, I soon began receiving emails regarding a new Lawyer Blog Search (Blawg Search Engine), called Justia. Talk about an awesome product! I have looked at this product in the past and let me tell you, it is pretty cool. There are about 1000 legal blogs that cover about every aspect of law. I did some searches on this product and its very cool. They even have a place for most recently searched terms along with most popular blogs for the week, month and all time. No we didn’t make the list but that’s fine.

If you are looking for more legal information I would recommend taking a gander. A side note, we will begin linking to TargetLaw tonight and we will stop posting articles for the time being. I hope to have this squared away within the next few days. If you are submitting articles please be aware that your posts probably won’t show for a few days.

Feel free to make comments as you see fit.


3 Responses

  1. Very nice looking search engine! I think once blogs become a little more popular in the legal community this engine will do very well. Also, I see that targetlaw changed their look a little. Looks much better but still not a 100% there; i think this justia blog looks a little nicer.

  2. When I say a little nicer, I mean a little nicer looking. I think targetlaw search is unbeatable. Its just that good.

  3. I used your directory the other day and I found what I think a pretty good lawyer. I ended up doing another search (not the link provided in your directory) and it worked out great for me. Hopefully the attorney I hired will be good.

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