Dealing with Texas Trucking Companies after a Truck Accident

An accident involving a truck and a car often leaves the driver of the car in chaos. Trucks are very large and carry a lot of momentum, and thus an accident involving a car can be a serious detriment to the car driver. As Texas trucking companies are going to want to protect their interests, it is best if a truck accident lawyer deals with the trucking companies from the start.

Truck companies have a lot to lose, and the driver of the truck may have a lot to lose. Most truck companies are a little more forthcoming with a lawyer than they are with the victim. Truck accident lawsuits can wipe out a trucking company over time, and thus trucking companies are very tight lipped, even when dealing with a truck accident lawyer.

A lawyer who has experience is not going to be intimidated out of filing a lawsuit, and an experienced lawyer is likely to already have a reputation within the trucking industry. By having an experienced lawyer representing you, the trucking company will understand that they are not likely to bully or talk their way around their share of responsibility for the damage caused in the accident.

This is vital, as once the facts start to be compiled, whether true of fictional, it is very difficult for the trucking company to negate the story they originally provided. Standing up tall against the trucking company by having strong representation can avoid potential problems from the beginning.

Nobody likes to be pushed around by a big company, and to a trucking company, your car accident isn’t something they want to deal with, in most cases. Most people who begin their interactions with the trucking company prior to retaining a truck accident lawyer report regretting this decision, as they felt they would have received a fair settlement much more quickly had they allowed a lawyer to file a lawsuit right from the beginning.

The filing of a lawsuit is just as much a statement to the trucking company as it is a quest for a fair settlement. Chances are your car was totaled in the accident, you sustained some extent of injury, and you lost at least some time from work. These factors are important to bring to light when dealing with a trucking company, and a lawyer is going to have a more profound knowledge as to whether or not anything the trucking company offers you is within the realm of fair.

Most people who file lawsuits aren’t looking to get rich, they are simply looking for the trucking company to step up to the plate and take on their responsibilities. Trucks and passenger cars often do not mix well together on the roadways, and due to their large size, trucks carry a higher obligation to avoid accidents.

Most truck accidents happens either due to passenger car interference like cutting too closely in front of a truck, or because the trucker was going too fast typically without enough sleep. Trucking companies set up the conditions for the latter type of accident by requiring more than reasonable amounts of driving from their truckers.

Often pay is by the mile and of course, the faster miles can completed the faster the trucker gets paid. A skilled lawyer can find numerous flaws and reasonable angles of responsibilities in this method of payment during a lawsuit.

A lawsuit boils down to one of two basic facts. Either the truck driver was responsible for the accident or the passenger car was responsible for the accident.

In either event, a truck accident lawyer is highly recommended to prevent the trucking company from taking advantage of you from the start. Any time you go up against a company, you want fierce and determined representation. This is what hiring a lawyer and filing a lawsuit is meant to provide.

There is a lot at stake for both you and the trucking company as the time of your lawsuit rolls near. You will want to thoroughly discuss with your lawyer the possible outcomes, your legal options, and what steps are advisable as you proceed through the process.

Experienced representation is always the best protection. Your lawsuit is certainly not the place to cut a few corners or to give the new guy on the block a chance, as professional representation is the most likely chance you will have at a fair recovery.

Nick Johnson is lead counsel and founding partner of Johnson Law Group. Johnson represents plaintiffs injured in auto accidents, truck accidents and vehicle rollovers. Call 1-888-311-5522 immediately or visit or


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