Compensation from Truck Accident Injuries

Truck accident injuries are typically quite severe. The size and momentum of a truck can often devastate a small passenger car and the occupants inside the car. Truck accident injuries are frightening, often have long recovery times, and cost tens of thousands of dollars if not more. Truck accident injuries usually require the legal representation of a qualified and experienced truck accident lawyer in order to gain a fair injury settlement or file an injury lawsuit. Dealing with truck accident injuries can take a tremendous toll on the victims.

Injury lawsuits are commonly filed by truck accident lawyers when there has been reasonable injury to either the driver or the passenger of the smaller vehicle. This is normally done within a short period of time from the date of the accident, although in some cases such as injuries that refuse to heal or turn into surprisingly big ordeals, the injury lawsuit may be filed at a later time.

Of course, there is a statute of limitations which applies to the time limits of filing injury lawsuits, so most truck accident victims speak with a truck accident lawyer as early as possible. This helps to ensure the rights of the victim or victims and yet still allows for time for the extent of the injuries to surface.

There have been a small percentage of injury lawsuits filed by truck accident lawyers that deal only with emotional injury. Initially, these injury lawsuits were not given credibility. However, over time it has been recognized that there is a small percentage of individuals who were so terribly traumatized that they were rendered incapable of driving a motor vehicle for an unreasonable length of time.

Emotional trauma has gained credibility as a viable trauma that can affect a daily life and a livelihood just as much as physical trauma in some cases. These injury lawsuits were fought by pioneering truck accident lawyers and set a remarkable precedent for those who followed.

Many injury lawsuits pertaining to truck accidents deal with both physical injury and emotional trauma. It has been proven by numerous truck accident lawyers that a physical injury can take up to twice as long to heal when it is compounded by an emotional trauma. Being trapped in a vehicle underneath a big rig certainly counts as emotional trauma.

Truck accident lawyers now typically tend to send the majority of their clients to see a counselor or psychologist to determine the extent of emotional trauma as well as to physicians and specialists to determine the extent of the physical trauma. This is not an attempt by the truck accident lawyer to rake the trucking company over the coals, but an attempt to keep the best interest of the client in the forefront of the injury lawsuit. Some clients don’t realize the extent of their emotional trauma until after they see a mental health professional.

Injury lawsuits tend to be an emotional stressor themselves, and a high quality truck accident lawyer may very well recommend counseling even if emotional trauma is not part of the injury lawsuit claim. This is to help the client manage their emotional trauma related to the accident to help them remain calm and under control in a court room setting.

Many clients who refuse this treatment option do not realize how affected they were by the accident until they are in a court room explaining the details of the accident to a room full of people. Their emotions sneak up on them and many lose their composure within minutes. Thus, for the emotional protection of the client, the vast majority of truck accident lawyers recommend counseling after a truck accident.

Truck accidents are very serious, and filing an injury lawsuit is a serious action to take against a trucking company. They are a large company with a lot at stake, and thus they will bring forth a highly equipped and skilled legal team. Prior to ever filing an injury lawsuit, the client needs to be sure of the facts of the case as well as find a truck accident lawyer they feel is qualified to go up against a legal team that specializes in this type of defense.

It is always recommended that a potential client put in their due diligence before hiring a truck accident lawyer to take their case into an injury lawsuit. There is quite a bit at stake for the claimant as well. The less emotional stress the claimant encounters, the more likely their injuries are to heal quickly and properly. This also means the more confidence the client has in the truck accident lawyer, the less emotional stress the claimant is likely to experience.

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