When Can a Tenant Terminate Their Lease Legally?

There’s 3 ways a tenant can terminate their legal obligations to the lease during its term: (1) You can terminate due to legal misconduct on behalf of the landlord (2) When the landlord legally replaces you with new tenants (3) And by an agreement with the landlord and the tenant An example of legal misconduct would be if the landlord does not maintain the premises it could be considered as legal misconduct. Some local/state laws give you the right to terminate any lease obligations if you (the tenant) have problems accessing his/her premises or if your premises have code violations you didn’t know about you could terminate your lease legally.

An example of number two when a landlord replaces a tenant with new tenants would be; if another tenant moved in and pays the full amount of the rent the first tenants obligation is terminated, ended, over.

It’s against the law for a landlord to collect rent from more than one tenant for the same premises. The landlord and tenant could at anytime end their lease obligations by a mutual agreement.

It’s not advisable to pay a deposit unless you’re signing the residential lease agreement form at the same time. Unless they refuse you based on race, color, age, sex, they can legally refuse to allow you to move in and take your deposit if you haven’t signed a residential lease agreement form already.

“Repair and deduct” what’s that? If the landlord hires a professional to repair damages on your home he/she can deduct the cost of the repairs from the rent paid to the landlord. It’s against the law for the landlord to charge more than 1 month’s rent for repairs.

What is “constructive eviction?” Constructive evictions are when the inhabitable condition of your premises makes the property unsuitable to live.

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  1. Can a tenant break their lease for safety reasons?
    On several occasions, my apartment was entered without prior notice or work order request. The first time, I noticed my dryer was hot after not being home all day. The second time, I noticed my microwave still had time left on it. Clearly I didn’t use it before I left for work or the night before. After bringing these things to one of the office staffs attention, he dismissed it as the maintenance staff not knowing the apartment was no longer vacant. Clearly my personal belongings were in plane site! Last night, I came home late and went to open my door and the top lock was on my door. I never put the top lock on my door and had felt like someone had been in my apartment on and off during the week using the toilet and microwave. Matter of fact, I didn’t enter the apartment at all. I went downstairs to the front desk and asked the attendant, was it any emergencies in the building that would cause someone to enter my apartment? She said, no and asked, did you place a work order for repairs? I said no and notified her that someone had entered my apartment and I was very nervous to go back upstairs. She was on the phone and just said she would report it to management which left me standing there dumbfounded. My first thought was to call the police but I went back upstairs and slowly entered the apartment with a mop handle in one hand and phone in the other. After checking all closets, cabinets and underneath my bed, I was still shaken and couldn’t sleep. As you can imagine, I couldn’t sleep for fear I might wake up with someone standing over my head with a knife.

    This morning still very upset I reported this incident to management . I received a phone call shortly after arriving at work from the building supervisor who informed me that one of his guys who had been working on the apartment next door accidently entered my apartment! Bull! He just got caught because I had sensed someone was coming and going other than myself all along. He profusely apologized and said the guy entered my apartment by mistake and it wouldn’t happen again. I DO NOT feel secure in this building and want to know what actions I can take to break my lease? I pay too much money to keep sharing my apartment with the building staff and maintenance crew!

    Park Bethesda Resident
    5325 Westbard Avenue
    #926, Veronica McCauley

  2. I’ve been lliving in a trailer park for about three weeks I signed a 6 month lease my landlord is not the owner of the land but of the trailer I was notified that I was being evicted because my so went across the street to a friends house after 10pm its suppose to be a rule or something in the trailer park that None of the residents seem to know about my landlord came to my home Aug26 and told me the owner says I have to go so he terminate my 6 month lease I told him that is not in my lease and I wasnt not moving take me to court and I showed the owners my lease and on yesterday they put a eviction notice on the trailer and said they want there space back not only was my son outside but the kid across the street and there not being evicted only me Do I have rights and what can I do my landlord said he didn’t want me to leave the owners want me gone he thinks it ain’t right he said he was never told of such a rule What are my right I’m a black woman I’m the only black at that in this Park I’m getting harrasing text saying I’m a racist what Rights do I have??? And the landlord offered me 1000 to leave by Sunday they served me and my trailer with a 10day notice

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