Seattle Attorney Family Law Firm | Solve Your Family Law Cases with Experts

Seattle divorce attorneys firm – McKinley Irvin ( focus on complex family legal issues like divorce, child custody, spousal maintenance and international family law matters. We have a great team of experienced Seattle divorce attorneys who are dedicated to providing the superlative legal services to our clients in each and every case. The McKinley Irvin was founded by two famous Seattle divorce attorneys – Sands McKinley and Rita Herrera Irvin in 1991. These Seattle divorce attorneys have 100 years of combined family law litigation experience. No wonder then why McKinley Irvin is being considered as one of the best family law firms in Washington. At McKinley Irvin, our Seattle divorce attorneys believe the rights, responsibilities, and privileges related to family relationships are among the most respected in our society. We can understand the mental disposition of our clients who are pitted against the conjugal crisis. Our professional legal service always takes care of all these aspects.

Family legal cases call for more of the specialized family law knowledge than just experience. At McKinley Irvin, we have quite a few expert Seattle divorce attorneys in various fields like tax, financial planning, parenting investigation, private investigation, actuarial services, business valuation, employment benefits valuation, and real estate valuation.

Currently, we have offices in four different locations such as:

* Downtown Seattle * Federal Way * Downtown Bellevue * Tacoma

You can send us your details with questions and requests by using our predefined Contact Us Format. Don’t send any confidential message until an attorney-client relationship has been established. McKinley Irvin too offers some e-booklets for more information regarding Seattle divorce attorneys for family law cases.

Sands McKinley is the founding partner of the firm and its managing partner. Before stepping out of active practice to focus on management, Mr. McKinley personally represented clients in over 200 contested family law cases. During active practice, Mr. McKinley also represented small to medium sized businesses and individuals in business related planning, formation, contract drafting/negotiation, and litigation.


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  1. Thnx for giving information about your firm….

  2. The party receiving the payments normally has discretion in the way the money is spent, provided it is in the child’s interests.

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