International Coordination of Food Safety Regulations

As food distribution chains are increasingly stretched around the world, urgency has arisen for the creation of new food safety standards and stricter enforcement of existing food safety laws to ensure that food industry quality control and food processing standards provide for a safe global food supply. The global food and beverage industry is the world’s largest industry. In fact, it is larger than all of the world’s other industries combined. In the quest for market share and increased profits, quality and food safety may sometimes be sacrificed. Consumers depend upon the interaction and the cooperation between government agencies to set and enforce standardized safety guidelines and food safety laws that ensure that there are no compromises in terms of quality and safety. Consumers need to know that produce from agriculture is safe from farm through processing to grocery shelves, that fish is safely wild harvested or raised by aquaculture, that poultry and livestock are free from pathogens and that food and food supplements contain ingredients generally recognized as safe. Processed foods must be pasteurized or sterilized, and canned or otherwise packaged aseptically sealed containers. Fresh food must be inspected by government agencies.

Coordinating those International Governmental efforts is no easy task however. In the United States alone, Food Safety Regulations are divided among multiple government Agencies such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). These U.S. agencies must then communicate with the equivalent Government Agencies of other countries.

Food Safety Regulations and Compliance Information at

In this complex maze of food safety regulations, it is beneficial for food and beverage companies throughout the world to have one central organization to assist them with FDA food safety guidelines. FDA Registrar Corp helps companies comply with the U. S. food and beverage safety laws that are required of companies doing business in the USA. These services are particularly helpful to non-U.S. companies that may need to overcome language barriers, time barriers and cultural barriers with regard to U.S. FDA requirements.

FDA Registrar Corp assists U.S. and non-U.S. companies with the completion of FDA regulations in the Food and Beverage, Medical Device and Cosmetics Industries. At registration and compliance is quick and easy. FDA Registrar Corp’s food safety consultants, medical device experts and cosmetic specialists all make compliance procedures simple and affordable.

FDA Registrar Corp quickly helps companies with all of the following regulatory requirements based on FDA food safety guidelines thus improving relations with global trading partners: Compliance with U.S. FDA Food Facility Registration *U.S. Prior Notice (Forms to ship food and beverages to the USA) *U.S. Food Labeling Regulations *U.S. Food Canning Establishment Registration (FCE) and Process Filings (SID) *U.S. FDA Medical Device Establishment Registration *U.S. FDA Medical Device Listings *U.S. FDA Cosmetic Registration *U.S. FDA Cosmetic Formulation Filings

FDA Registrar Corp was organized in response to the U.S. FDA Bioterrorism Act of 2002 that required all companies involved with the manufacturing, processing, packaging and storing of food and beverages to be consumed in the United States, to register with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and to adhere to FDA food safety guidelines. FDA Registrar Corp is the world’s largest FDA Agent assisting some of the Industry’s best-known companies with food safety regulations. With a systematic and conscientious approach, FDA Registrar Corp has helped all parties work towards providing food industry quality control standards to provide safe handling, storage and preparation of food and beverage products.

Russell K. Statman, Esq., is a founder and Executive Director of FDA Registrar Corp., a firm providing registration, compliance assistance and U.S. Agent Services for the food and beverage, cosmetics and medical device industries. Mr. Statman is an attorney-at-law representing firms in FDA-regulated industries for the past eighteen years. Contact the author at:

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