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* I typically only allow lawyer posts but once I started searching this site I had to post this to my blog. I can’t believe how many lawyer sites are in this engine. This must of taken months upon months. I will open up your comments below. I’m curious of your opinion..Blog below…

It was just a few short years ago when most attorneys counted on advertising their firm in the yellow pages in order to get new customers for their practice. While many people still use yellow pages and other sorts of paper advertising to hire legal counsel, there has been a huge swing on how individuals look for legal counsel. Studies have shown over 70% of people will now use the internet in order to do a lawyer search. Furthermore, these are the prospects that have deeper pockets and willing to spend more money hiring the right lawyer. Because of the trend, it has forced lawyers all over the country to begin considering website marketing.

The importance of having a suitable website can mean the difference of getting new clients or not. Many attorneys now have lists of different practice areas on their websites to relay a message to those consumers who are looking for legal counsel. The message is we practice the type of law you are requiring and we are experienced in handling such sort of cases. When a consumer does a lawyer search on the internet they are primarily looking for information first and foremost. If the information on a lawyer website is geared towards that practice area, there is a good chance the prospect will contact that attorney for more information.

The facts are people are generally more educated and they will first research a lawyer prior to contacting them. If you are an attorney it is mission critical that you have some sort of web presence for both new and existing clients. is one of the largest lawyer search engines on the internet. If you are currently evaluating lawyers via the internet visit our site. Chances are you will find the right attorney, in the right location by the right practice area for every single search.

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  1. As a law firm marketing specialist, I find this lawyer search engine to be outstanding. Part of my challenge in creating attractive, informative, and search friendly websites is competing with all the legal directories. Legal directories sort law firms by how much then spend in sponsorship, not how relevant their practice is to a particular lawyer search.
    This new search engine only searches lawyer websites, nothing else. A refreshing idea that the content on an attorney’s website is more important than how much he/she spends with a legal directory such as Findlaw or
    I would encourage all law firms to submit their website to to take advantage of this dynamic search engine.

  2. This is the first time I’ve seen an all lawyer search engine. Very cool!!! I did a few searches and by golly they are all attorney websites. They do need to change the look a little but tons of attorney websites and great searching capability backed by google search technology. If I was looking for a lawyer, I would certainly use this search engine.

  3. Wow, all attorney search engine how exciting!! Hahaha. No really, I do think it serves a purpose. The fact is that so many different directories are becoming old. The information is old and typically inaccurate so I do see a need for something like this. However, it needs a major face lift.

  4. Ladies and Gents,

    Let me make something clear here- this is a google custom search engine with lawyer websites, nothing more and nothing less. With that being said, it is an amazing idea and I bet if marketed correctly, you will be hearing of targetlaw in the near future. Yes, the problem with lawyer directory’s are that a lot of the information, contact information, practice areas and in some cases deceased attorneys are listed in the directory. The problem is that a directory is almost never updated, unless you are paying for a premier listing. I like how search engines work because if you update your website the search engine will pick up the changes.
    So my final evaluation of targetlaw is:
    A+ – The idea
    A+ – Getting all the websites listed in one place
    A+ – Using the google technology to back the search
    D- – Design… Do something with the second page of the search and also the about, Submit Law Firm, Advertising, looks like it was created by a 5th grader. Furthermore the pages are jumping in between clicks.

    Overall B If they do something with the design I will considering giving them a higher mark!

  5. The internet has become a great source in generating new business for many attorneys. I have friends that claim to gain 2 new clients a week and some that tell me their best source of new clients come from the yellow pages. While most of my business still comes from client referrals a part of me believes the internet will play an important role on how my practice will evolve. This will certainly stand true when and if I decide to start my own practice. While searching for hours on the internet I too have come across lawyer directories that are inaccurate at best. For instance, I have a friend that practices law in Northern California and I can give you several examples of incorrect information that is listed in the best law directories on the internet. His biggest problem is he still gets calls for criminal matters yet he has not practiced criminal law in almost 3 years. While I still see a need for directories as an attorney, I can see how inaccurate information can be somewhat disturbing to the person looking for legal representation. Even as an attorney, I sometime will use the internet to refer business out to other attorneys. I too find it very cumbersome when using directories. In fact over the past year, I would guesstimate I have referred out a dozen of cases or more and I too have run into the problem with inaccurate information and quite frankly hours of wasted time. The information on their website is intriguing because it looks like they are trying to create the largest lawyer search engine on the internet. If they have over 50,000 lawyer websites and counting, they are on their way. My recommendation to those searching for lawyers on the internet is to seriously consider using this tool if you want to save yourself time. I will probably begin using this search engine when referring cases. Thanks for keeping us attorneys up to date with the latest and greatest.

  6. Wowzy! 50,000 lawyer websites??? I don’t think so. More like 40,000+ but who’s counting. Now that I got that off my chest, let me begin stating my opinonosso. This is not a good lawyer search engine its a great lawyer search engine. Why you may ask me? Don’t worry about it, because I said so. What these hooligans are commenting on in this blog post happens to be correct. Directories suck! I am a googler and so are most of you out there. Who wants to click through directories unless you like wasting your time as I am doing right now. On a serious side though, I happen to think with a little work on the face, this could possibly be the BEST lawyer search engine on the internet. Why? Because as far as I know, it is the ONLY lawyer search engine on the internet. While I’m at it let me tell you I for 1 can’t stand lawyer referral programs i.e. your local bar (which you have to be a member in order to get a referral, and in most cases have to pay to be in the program). Did I mention you never get call backs right away? Two yeah you can look up a lawyer in the yellow pages but you really don’t know much about them until you have stroked them a $1000 retainer because they all but forced you to …. on the line. Come to find out your attorney is about to get disbarred (maybe I’m going a little overboard but you get the point) If you have half a brain you will research the attorney online even before calling them duh! Back to why I posted this message. I posted this message because this is the first time on this blog that you are allowed to post a message. I would like a comment on why we can’t post on your blog?? Open up a few more of these sessions because the blog is great and I’m sure I can contribute somehow someway. Thanks for the information rcartwell.

  7. Hello

    Thank you for posting this message to your website. I stumbled across this website last night and hired an attorney earlier today. When the attorney asked me how I found him, I told him through He knew no such company and after he looked it up and searched, he said the same thing I did. Great search results but ugly website. My opinion is that I’m grateful for the targetlaw website because I think I found a great attorney, but the site needs to look nicer. I think if you made it look nicer more people would use it.

  8. Why do you all hate directories so much? Are they that bad? I would think that the more reliable directories such as superpages and yellowpages would have up-to-date information on lawyers. After all, once the lawyer decides to change their practice area and location in where he practices, I would assume that their online listing also changes. If this is not the case I stand to be corrected ;.(

    My opinion of targetlaw is it doesn’t look nearly as bad as you all say. Yes I agree the results aren’t too appealing but isn’t it more about getting the results you need and not so much as the look of the search?

    Well thanks for listening to my jibber-jabber.

  9. Ms. Prissy
    This comment is directed towards you. You stand to be corrected :.) Superpages gives you a username / password to list your site. How do I know? Because I have listed my business on Superpages. The problem is that if you lose your username and password it is nearly impossible to get someone to help you. Because I had to list my business in 2-3 locations, I had to create 2-3 different email accounts all of which I forgot about after listing my company. Now I have my company listed twice with inaccurate information. I can’t get to my username and password because I lost my email accounts so now I can’t make the necessary changes. If that’s not bad enough try to get a change in google maps. Nearly impossible. I could give you thousands of example especially with the whole search engine optimization game. So many companies jumped to get listed in directories for incoming links to your website that now we all have forgot about which directories our companies are in and how to make changes to our listing. The worst part about it is that I can assure you that at least 25% of the companies in any given directory are either incorrect or out of business.
    My opinion about targetlaw is that its a nice change from directories. It is a google search without all the junk. If you do a search which I did several tonight, you will find exactly what you need. Try one for yourself and than start clicking through a directory. The post earlier is correct, directories are a waste of time.

  10. I think that there is a need for this type of search engine. As someone mentioned earlier, there are two big companies and that offer lawyer marketing services. In order to get listed on their site you have to pay for the listing. If I were an attorney I would certainly submit my website to targetlaw. Its free and I bet you that the concept takes off quick, because like the rest of us on this stream of comments, directories are in the past.

  11. Decent site for lawyer search. I guess I would use it if I were looking for an attorney online. I agree with everyone else directories are somewhat useless.

  12. Thank you for the feedback thus far and I will continue to keep this post open to your comments. I have had several people email me comments and I ask those people to comment directly from this post, just hit the comment button. Although this post was feedback for targetlaw, after reading some of your comments regarding perhaps a lawyer directory is not such a great idea. I will also think about ideas about opening up more comments for each blog post. Email me ideas about what I should do with the lawyer searching component on this blog and other areas you would be interested in hearing regarding law. Perhaps we can open up some comment areas within this blog.

    Thanks for your feedback

  13. rcartwell you are right, the amount of time to get all these websites into one centralized place must of taken months. My opinion of targetlaw: It’s a legitimate lawyer search engine. I hope the time they spent to get all these lawyer websites into one place is well worth it.

    My opinion on your comment is to start opening up information like this post so we can check out the new legal products and sites that are hitting the internet. This was a good post. Great blog btw.

  14. I like the idea and I see a need but they must do something with the design of the site. People the amount of websites that are in this search engine will ultimately correlate into good search ability. With all these lawyer websites chances are you will get an attorney regardless of your search. I will recommend it.

  15. Come on people you can’t compare findlaw and to this search engine. This is a joke! Reality is that findlaw and are so far beyond this website.

  16. Dicky Dick

    I don’t think they are comparing findlaw and to targetlaw. Obviously both findlaw and are websites with information. That is like comparing CNN to google you jackass! Two different products. My opinion of targetlaw is a little on the positive side and negative side. Targetlaw although offers the end user great search capability, the site has a lot to be desired. Change the look and feel and you have yourself a great lawyer search engine. I would much rather search for a lawyer using targetlaw rather than both findlaw and Why? Because it is quicker and easier. Do a search on this site and you will see what I’m talking about.


  17. rcartwell, great blog, I sometime use these article on my website, hope thats alright. If not I will use to find a lawyer for when you sue me.
    I’m just kidding’!!

    We all have to understand the way we find information on the internet has changed drastically over the last year. While some people still refer to their local yellow pages, both in hard copy and on the net, others will simply google, close their eyes and hope SOMETHING relevant comes up. The problem with googling (which I do each and everyday) is the amount of trash that is on the first couple of pages. Web developers like myself are always looking for quick ways to get their website showing for almost any type of search. When you have a controlled environment such as targetlaw, chances are you will find what you are looking for on the first page when doing a lawyer search. This was truly a brilliant idea that google released several months ago. Someone in recent comments made a statement saying if done correctly, Targetlaw could potentially be a player in this arena. Well I agree, if promoted correctly, with some tweaking on look and feel, Targetlaw could potentially be the new way to find lawyers on the web. Best of luck!!

  18. I for one prefer a good directory over a search engine any day. My reasoning behind this is because a directory displays a list of companies for exactly what you are shopping for. The problem with google, yahoo, msn and other search engines is that the results of a search presents too much trash. I like the idea of these types of search engines but the problem is that most if not all of the google coop search engines are designed to have their own web pages show up in front of other sites. I’m sure targetlaw is no different.

  19. Spinx – I understand exactly what you are saying about the google custom search engines. It is true, most people list their sites on the top of every search. I did test it out on targetlaw and this is certainly not the case. For instance, I ran google and targetlaw parallel on some of searches, you should try the same. I searched for the term “New York Criminal Lawyers” The first three lawyer websites that appear on google (excluding directories etc.) are (2nd spot), (4th spot) and (7th spot). Now I did the same thing in and the first two sites are number 1 & 2. The third site is not listed in the search engine. They should probably submit their site to targetlaw.

    As I look over similar searches, it doesn’t look like they are stacking their clients ahead in the search results. Furthermore, I did a search for in the search engine, and they didn’t even list their site within the search engine. Speaking of, does anyone even have information on this company? who they are? where they came from?

    I do have to agree with the rest of the folks, this type of search engine potentially could be used by thousands if marketed correctly. Who knows perhaps it is already being used by thousands. If I were them before its too late, I would certainly consider a better design for the results page. Also, their advertising program is not aligned correctly with the about page and the submit law firm page. If you click on them you will notice the same thing.

  20. I have received several inquires regarding The only information that I can give you is the information provided in this post by targetlaw. I have a list of questions that some of you emailed me which I will pass onto them. Once I get the information from them, I will post it on the blog and close this up. Thanks again for all the great comments and ideas.

  21. rcartwell, If you would like to link up to my legal directory please contact me. Some of the folks on this site believe that directories are useless and they are right in most cases. We take the time and energy to assure our results are 99% accurate. Great Blog

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