Article Submissions

Attorneys etc. I have seen an influx of emails coming from too many attorneys regarding why I have not submitted their legal articles on this blog. After several hours tonight of investigating the problem, here is my explanation. I am using a yahoo email account for this blog. The yahoo account has a spam folder which I delete about once every 3 days (tons of spam). After further review and several hours of thumbing through these emails I have found that many of your emails are landing in my spam folder for some reason.

I am now in the process of getting these articles that are left and will post them over the next day. Until I figure out a different solution, I want to ask each participant in this blog to submit there articles with “Legalcatch Submission” as their title for the email. I receive upwards of about 300 spam emails a day so the only way I will be able to identify your email is through searching for this term.


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