The Race of the Races

The rule is quite simple, equal employment opportunity is available to any person without regard to his racial orientation, or his genetic characteristic that may be associated with his race. Even marriage to or association with someone of a marginalized ethnicity cannot be a basis for unjustly discriminating an employee. The prohibition from discriminating against an employee because of race or perceived color covers not merely the hiring of employees but extends to promotion, compensation, job training, termination, or terms, privileges, and conditions of employment. Employment decisions on the basis of assumptions on abilities, and the performance of an individual based on the fact that the employee belongs to a particular ethnic or racial group is also abhorred.

With the advent of new legislations on the matter, even racial jokes such as ethnic slurs, derogatory comments, and other verbal or physical conduct that would in effect create a hostile and offensive working environment are already considered as forms of racial discrimination.

A deliberate attempt to segregate employees from other employees or from their own customers may be viewed as a breach of this particular proviso. Assigning minorities in areas which are considered as predominantly minority establishments is also construed as a form of racial discrimination since it in effect denies the ample opportunity for growth of an employee on the sole basis of his racial origin. It would also run counter to the laws of the land to exclude those belonging to a particular race to limit them to a particular position or in stereotypical designations.

Prohibition also extends to pre-employment requirements notwithstanding the fact that no employer-employee relationship presently exist. Requiring personal information which compels the disclosure of an applicant’s race presumes that this information would be used as a basis for making decisions on hiring the applicant, which in itself is already a form of racial discrimination.

Racial prejudice is against the law, despite of this, a colossal battle is still looming in the horizon before the status of equality on the issue of ethnicity can be achieved. It is one race that would require no winners, but only the sensitivity to afford respect, where such is due. All that is necessary is that the same rights afforded to those who consider themselves of higher class because they do not belong to a marginalized racial group are given to those who are coined as colored. If this simple requisite is answered, then equality is not far-fetched.

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Rainier used to work in a publishing company as a writer and eventually became an associate editor. He dealt in writing instructional materials for secondary and tertiary students. His passion in writing inspired him to read a lot and subsequently enabled him to gain more knowledge and skills.

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