Having Troubles on Your Disability Claim?

Every year, a substantial amount of increase is being added to the disabled pensioners’ Supplemental Security Income benefit as based on the increase on the Consumer Price Index that also raise the Cost of Living in the U.S. As of January 1, 2007 alone, an increase of 3.3% in the Standard SSI Federal Payment was implemented by the Social Security Administration to cope up with the needs of the people. This year an eligible individual with and without an eligible spouse will respectively receive $934 and $623 per month while an essential person will accept $312 of monthly benefits from the government. These financial aids which are being granted to the disabled citizen will surely ease the suffering that they are experiencing giving them such substantial monetary support to sustain their daily needs. These fortunate people have already proven their luck. On the other hand, a number of claimants are still having their hard times in the process of their petitions. Having their cases still pending in the Social Security office further increase their burdens of looking for the means to obtain enough money for their basic necessities such as food, shelter and clothing until their disability claims be approved. This may be attributed to their lack of at least a bit of understanding about the basics of the Social Security Act which is the law that covers their claims. They are quite unaware that the first step to make in order for their petition to gain approval is to be familiar with the law and the proper procedures of filing. Also, having some information about the Social Security Act will enable them to know which documents and evidences they should bring for their claims to have a strong stand.

However, for those who are still pursuing or are still planning to file a petition for a Supplemental Security Income disability benefits, it is very much advisable to hire the legal services of a qualified attorney who has the expertise in dealing with these certain types of cases. Getting the assistance of knowledgeable and skillful Social Security attorney will indeed increase their chances of getting their financial support from the government in the soonest possible time. A proficient attorney will follow the strict process of filing their claims, from accomplishing the necessary paper works to defending their points in the oral arguments scheduled by the Social Security office. These are some of the things that their attorneys will undergo for them as they enjoy the convenience of relaxing in their own homes with their loved ones while waiting for the results of their applications. And if in case their petitions are subsequently denied, an ever persistent disability attorney will find any other legal means as their clients may wish by filing a petition to a higher level Social Security office or even in a civil court. This will definitely ensure that the claimants’ demands are given fair and thorough evaluation in the said office.

But like any other trials that we face in life, we have our own choices. Whether we do it the hard way or look for much easy avenues, there are no other person to praised or be blamed for the outcome but we. So think wisely and be firm in your decision for attitude and determination are still the keys to success in all our endeavors in life including our efforts in pursuing our legal rights.

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Rainier used to work in a publishing company as a writer and eventually became an associate editor. He dealt in writing instructional materials for secondary and tertiary students. His passion in writing inspired him to read a lot and subsequently enabled him to gain more knowledge and skills.


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