Greenville Attorney Warns Of Estate Planning Complications

Greenville Lawyer Wants Senior Citizens and Their Loved Ones To Get Their Estate Affairs In Order Elder Law is a fairly new specialized area of law dealing with the problems and issues faced by the most quickly growing portion of the country’s population, seniors. Elder law incorporates the elements of Estate Planning, Medicare/Medicaid Planning, Conservatorship, Wills and Trusts and Health Care Planning.

Mr.Pete Fields, a Greenville Attorney, from Greenville, SC, works to caution seniors and their children of problems that will come up if estate planning issues do not get settled fast, If you wait too long, it could be too late to get your affairs handled the way you want them taken care of!

Here’s just a short listing of the things thisGreenville Estate Planning Attorney can help you in accomplishing:

Make Plans for The Care You Will Require Prior to that Time Occurring

Cut down and Even Eliminate Assisted Living Facility Bills

Increase The Amount of Income You Keep, Safeguard Your Life Savings

Make Proper Investments

Save on Estate Taxes, Income Taxes and Death Taxes

Pass on An Inheritance To Your Children and Grandchildren

Reasons You Need To Deal With Estate Planning As Quickly As Possible!

No one wants to dwell on the thought of their death. However, if you ignore planning for your passing until it is too late, you’ll run the risk that intended inheritors — people that you adore and love — might not inherit the things you’d want them to receive whether due to taxes or quarreling among your heirs. These are reasons why estate planning is so significant, regardless of how small or large your estate may be! It allows you, while you’re still living, to ensure that your property and assets will go to those that you want, the way you want, and in the time you desire. It provides a way for you to save as much on taxes as possible, attorneys’ fees and court costs; and it provides the comfort that your children and family can mourn over your loss and not be burdened simultaneously with needless financial confusion and red tape. Each estate plan should have, at least, two necessary estate planning instruments: a power of attorney and a will. The first is for managing and controlling your assets and property while you are alive, in case you aren’t able to do so alone. The second is for the apportionment and management of your property and assets after death. In addition, more and more often, Americans are using revocable trusts in order to escape probate and to manage their estates both once they’ve died and while they are living. How will you know if you require estate planning help?

-Have no legal documents

-Have documents which are old and your children are grown up

-Your documents no longer show your wishes

About the author:

Pete Fields is a Greenville estate planning attorney in Greenville, South Carolina. He also has an office in Clemson,SC that includes a Clemson estate planning lawyer. This information is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. For specific questions or concerns, you should speak to an experienced elder law attorney. 2007 The Fields Law Firm

Pete Fields is a Greenville estate planning lawyer in Greenville, South Carolina. Find more information on Clemson attorneys and estate planning.


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