Fosamax Law Suit – What You Need to Know About Fosamax Law Suits!

This article focuses upon 4 key items related to Fosamax Law Suits:

Mechanism of Action Case Screening About the MDL State Court Litigation

Use Of Fosamax:
Bisphosphonate (others include, Zometa, Aredia, Actonel)
Used for Osteoporosis Bone Mass that is more than 2.5 std dev. Below normal.
(e.g. DEXA SCAN -2.5 or lower)
(and sometimes for Osteopenia).
Used for cancers where there is a concern of mesastisis to bones
Used for Hypercalcimia

Bone Dynamics
Structure of Bone – Think of a honey comb or an apartment complex. Hard chambers of calcium.
Bone is alive and has blood flow.
Two Processes, Three Types of Cells
Mature: Osteocyte (lives 150 days)
New: Osteoblast (an immature osteocyte)
Resorbing: Osteoclast (softens bone so old cell can be replaced)

Fosamax Do’s and Don’ts: Fosamax hardens Old Bone Fosamax does NOT make New Bone

Mechanism of Action
The Doors are Locked and Occupant is Dead
Osteoclast production inhibited
Body armor – cell chamber. Hardened Calcium
No way for dead cell to escape.
No way for new cell to enter
Blood Flow no longer supported
Bone Necrosis Occurs When a Trauma (e.g. dental work done)
Or micro can fracturing occur, since never replacing the cell walls.

ONJ – Dead Jaw: Osteneocrosis of the Jaw
Why the Jaw – Very Vascular Tissue.
Cells die inside bone & Haversion Canals Close off
Periostial Blood Flow Diminishes
Usually Trauma to Tissue on Tissue Around Bone Occurs (e.g. a routine dental procedure)
Or spontaneous ONJ – 27% of time no trauma involved!
Tissue can not get enough blood supply for nutrients to heal
Necrosis occurs and worsens problem

Spiral Fractures
Microfractures – Leading to Spiral Fracture of Femur
Small fracturing occurs naturally
Usually it is repaired by healthy living cells
In case where there are no new cells (Osteoblasts maturing into Osteocytes), there are no lives cells to repair the micro fractures
Microfractures accumulate
Resulting in a Spiral Fracture of the Femur
Studies not yet published on this

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