The Right Medical Immigration Attorney Makes All The Difference

Immigration into the United States as a Physician, Medical Graduate or Nurse can be a lengthy procedure, especially if you don’t know all the rules, regulations and forms to fill out. You can spend a lot of time that you will never get back if you proceed the wrong way. This is why finding a good Immigration Lawyer is key. For International Medical Graduates, Physicians or Foreign Nurses who want to immigrate to the U.S., it is essential that you contact an effective, knowledgeable immigration attorney who has specialized most of their career in J-1 Visa, CGFNS, H-1B Visa and NCLEX RN requirements.

To effectively assist foreign nurses and physicians in obtaining work visas or immigration to the United States, it takes knowing the system inside and out. A good immigration lawyer can greatly assist international medical graduates or physicians certified by ECFMG or nurses certified by CGFNS or NCLEX-RN with a J-1 Visa or H-1B.

The right medical immigration attorney will specialize in arranging work visas (H-1B) and permanent residence (green card) for health care professionals, particularly registered nurses and physicians. Registered nurses, either educated in the U.S., or certified by CGFNS, are qualified for United States immigration benefits in terms of permanent residence and work visas. Physicians either educated in the United States or certified by ECFMG, may apply for employment through either work visas or exchange visitor visas (J-1visa) and later immigration to the United States (permanent residence).

The preferable way to address an immigration issue is to have a system of evaluation in place so an analysis of a client’s credentials and work experience will allow for a tailored approach to best take advantage of each client’s special background. Another advantage to finding a qualified immigration attorney is they often have connections with healthcare providers so physicians and RN’s can find qualified employers who sponsor permanent residence.

When searching for an immigration lawyer, look for those who are a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and who are licensed to practice in the state you are inquiring from if you are in the U.S. You want an employment-based immigration attorney who has successfully represented thousands of physicians, nurses, medical students, scientists, college professors, engineers etc. in their applications for permanent residence.

You will also want to make sure that the immigration attorney you choose has assisted others from your country or a similar country and situation. Whether you are applying from Great Britain, Russia, Germany, Canada etc., make sure the attorney you choose understands any unique situation you may be in. In today’s modern world, technology allows for large geographic distances between clients and their lawyer. This distance is easily overcome through email, low-cost phone calls, faxes and the quality of work a law firm provides.

If you are in need of an immigration lawyer for physician, scientific or nurse immigration, hopefully the above information will be of assistance to you. Just keep in mind that you don’t need to physically meet with an immigration attorney these days. You can still find great representation even though you are thousands of miles away from counsel if you follow the recommendations above.

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