Premises Liability

Premises liability law was established to make the owner of a property liable for injures that occur while people are living, working or occupying the property. In most states, a person who has been injured on another person’s property has the burden of proving that the injury was the result of negligence.

The most common premise liability claim typically involves a slip and fall accident. Over the past few years, the most courts have made it tougher to receive compensation for this injury. Typically when a premises liability lawsuit is presented, the owner of a property, will file the claim with his or her insurance carrier.

When evaluating each premises liability case a lawyer may look at the following:

Maintenance – Is the property being maintained? Injuries that result from not maintaining the premises include:

  • slick surfaces,
  • standing water
  • uneven pavement
  • broken stairs
  • faulty equipment such as ladders and scaffolds
  • poor lighting

A premises liability lawsuit can be very time-consuming and it requires careful investigation, determination and experience in recovering damages resulting from an injuries sustained. In certain instances a person may have been injured on local state and government property. These properties include public parks, recreation centers, galleries and government facilities. If an injury occurs on a government owned property, the federal or state government may be legally responsible for injures.

If you have been injured on someone elses property it is always recommended you contact a premises liability lawyer to find out if you are entitled to compensation under this law.

For more information on Premises Liability Law please visit our Maryland Premises Liability Lawyers practice area.

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