Slip & Fall Accidents

Each year in the United States there are thousands of personal injury claims for slip and falls. When an individual slips and falls on the premises of another, it is not uncommon that the individual can be entitled to compensation under the law. Prior to beginning a claim for a slip and fall accident, it is essential that the attorney evaluates if the guilty party acted in a negligent manner and ultimately was the result of a slip and fall. While each claim can be different the results of a slip and fall are very similar. A slip and fall accident can result in serious injury and even death in certain cases. An example of a slip and fall accident – A person is shopping and he or she slips on the floor and injures themselves. Prior to the accident, the store manager was aware of the slick floor and forgot to put up a sign warning his customers of a spill. The store manager was negligent in that he or she knew about the spill but forgot to put a sign up warning his customers. These accidents occur because of slick floors, torn carpet, uneven floors, damaged floors and so on. The owner or manager of these properties can be held responsible for injuries that occur on their premises.

While many slip & fall cases never make it to court because insurance companies tend to settle these claims out of court, it is imperative that you consult with an attorney prior to accepting a settlement from an insurance company. Furthermore, in the event the claim is denied, you will need professional and tenacious representation in order to receive any sort of compensation for you injury.

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