Maryland Car Accidents

A few months ago I had a friend involved in a Maryland automobile accident on route 95 N heading towards Baltimore. He was coming off a ramp and the traffic came to a stand still. While he was able to slow down, the car in back of him weaved and hit the side of his car. Although the impact was not direct, there was significant damage to his car. Fortunately for my friend he was not injured!

Soon after the accident, I get a call and he describes to me exactly how the accident occurred. As a practicing personal injury attorney in Maryland, I have a list of certain to do’s and not to do’s. I immediately found out if the other driver was injured. It is obvious that if someone is injured you first make a call for help. Since no one was injured, I told him to call the police, and immediately take pictures of the accident.

I also advised him NOT to talk to the other driver’s insurance company until he meets with me to discuss the case. While many people involved in accidents will take the first offer from an insurance company, the first offer is typically not the best. You should always consult with an injury attorney prior to accepting an offer from an insurance company. I recommend this for all personal injury cases regardless of the type of accident.

Many of the injury cases that I take on a daily basis are typically a result in someone else’s negligence. This was certainly the case with this accident. The final compensation I was able to get from the insurance company was loss wages and property damages.



William W. Davis – Esquire–

Maryland car accident lawyer








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