Search Warrants

In the state of Maryland, a search warrant authorizes police officers to conduct a search within a specific place. A search is typically conducted at your home. If a search warrant has been issued there always must be probable cause for the search. In the case of a traffic stop an officer may conduct a search only if you have given consent of the search, there has been probable cause and if you have been arrested.

In order to have probable cause for a warrant, it is more likely than not that the item/items that they are searching for will be found.

An officer is never allowed to search you unless:

  • You have given consent
  • The item is in plain view of the officer (Typically on a traffic stop that an open container of alcohol, weapons or drugs etc.)
  • Police are allowed to make searches of your body and clothing for weapons and contraband when you have been arrested.
  • In you have been arrested in an automobile they are allowed to search inside your car but not in locked department such as glove departments and trunks. They must have probable cause prior of doing the search.

If you feel that your rights have been violated due to an illegal search in the state of Maryland you should contact an attorney today.

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