Maryland Liquor Law

Maryland liquor law is set up to monitor the activity of buying, selling, consuming, distributing and operating illegal liquor activities. Over the past several years Maryland has been cracking down on crimes related to the illegal acts relating to liquor. A person who violates these laws is in danger of getting arrested, losing a liquor license, or even imprisoned. These are serious criminal charges and should be treated as such. If you have broken the liquor law in
Maryland you could have possibly violated certain areas within this general area. These criminal law violations include but are not limited to the following:

  • Manufacturing of Liquor
  • The illegal sale of Liquor
  • Transporting of Liquor
  • Bootlegging
  • Operating a Still
  • Providing Liquor to a Minor
  • Illegal Selling of Liquor
  • Selling Liquor without a license

It is important for anyone that has violated a
Maryland liquor charge to fully understand the charge. While you may have been charged with breaking
Maryland liquor law it is important that you understand your rights.
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