Health Care Law

Health Care Law encompasses an array of the legal topics dealing with the organization, financing, and delivery of health services. Health law ultimately covers a range of areas connected to health care providers to patients.  Medical malpractice claims, Medicare and Medicaid all relate to Health care Law. Other types of issues that relate to health care are corporate organization and reorganization, joint ventures, and employment issues, as well as matters unique to health care, such as reimbursement, consent to treatment, certificate of need, licensure, professional service contracts, HIPAA, fraud, and abuse, compliance programs, and managed care contracts. Provided is a list of legal health care issues:

  • HIPAA Regulatory Compliance

  • Fraud and Abuse Investigations

  • Fraud and Abuse

  • Stark Compliance Advice

  • Corporate Compliance Programs

  • Health System Operations

  • Medical Staff Relations

  • Health System Employment Law

  • Employee Benefits

  • Joint Ventures

  • Long-Term Care Project Development and Operations

  • Managed Care Organization Development and Representation

  • HMO Formation

  • PSO Formation

  • Licensing and Representation

  • Health Plan Representation

  • Physician Group Formation and Representation

  • Integrated Healthcare Delivery Systems

  • Healthcare Merger and Acquisition Transactions

  • Corporate Finance and Securities

  • Antitrust Counseling and Litigation

  • Tax Advice 

  • Tax Exempt Bond Financing

  • Reimbursement Advice/Litigation

  • Certificate of Need Litigation

  • Litigation and Regulatory Proceedings

  • Government Relations and Policy Advocacy

  • Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Industry Representation

  • Intellectual Property and Information Technology

  • Real Estate and Construction Matters

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