White Collar Crime

A white collar crime also known as a federal crime is a criminal offense that is made or deemed illegal by United States Federal law. In a federal case it is not the states attorney that prosecutes the defendant but rather the U.S. Attorney. All white collar cases are typically investigated by a federal agency like the FBI or DEA. When you are dealing with a criminal charge by the state, the defendant is typically dealing with a police officer or detective during questioning; in a federal case the defendant is contacted by a federal agent for questioning.

Examples of White Collar Crimes Include:

• Embezzlement
• Federal Drug Trafficking
• Organized Crime
• Bribery
• Counterfeiting
• Bankruptcy Fraud
• Securities Fraud
• Mail Fraud
• Telemarketing Fraud
• Extortion
• Credit Card Fraud
• Insurance Fraud
• Money Laundering
• Perjury
• Tax Evasion
• Computer Fraud
• Internet Fraud
• Insider Trading
• Antitrust Violations
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